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    Episode 171 — Armstronging Them

    In case you were wondering, there is no verse 13 in the 12th chapter of Leviticus. BUT, chapters 12 and 13 do focus on the purification of women after childbirth and the signs and treatment of leprosy, respectively. Mark Jackson should shift that focus to defense...
  2. NathanRaygor

    Episode 151 — Dudity

    I can't speak to how happy I am that Pat Summerall imitations have become a Country meme.
  3. NathanRaygor

    Episode 139 — Cock Pulldowns

    Thank you for revisiting the Fisherman's Warf(s) bit. Made me proud to be a long-time citizen of The Country.
  4. NathanRaygor

    Episode 137 — Away Game

    The past couple of episodes remind me why I fell in love with this podcast during the first few episodes. On the one hand, I love all of your guests and how they interact with you. On the other hand, when you guys do Takes by yourselves, it's that classic, hilarious writing and delivery that actually makes me laugh out loud. Let the guests sit in for Quick Hits, but keep the Takes in the family.