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  1. Okay guys seriously, no more posting fake Amazon reviews in hopes of getting yours read. Those things are like orgasms; I need to know that every single one is real in order to enjoy them.


    Does Paul pick the Amazon reviews before announcing the next movie in the minisodes? Or disqualify the ones posted after the minisode?


    It's been mentioned a couple times that he only picks reviews that are at least a couple years old so there's no chance it's just podcast listeners screwing with us.

  2. For a system to track movie requests, it's actually really simple to do with a Google account.




    Create a new form, write whatever question you want, and for question type change it to "Text" to let people write in their selections.


    Boom. Google even lets you embed the form on a webpage so you can set it up right on this site.


    And you can set it so the results get sent to a spreadsheet, which you can then sort in alphabetical order to see which ones show up the most.


    You can also set up different forms with ready-made responses, so if you want people to vote on a pre-selected list of movies, you can do that too.