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  1. Well the show is done and it was good. Definitely an after-work let's all grudgingly drive downtown vibe compared to last year's show (which was at UCB Sunset). I think the UCB Sunset crowd was more pumped than the Hayworth crowd, but I can't prove any of this. I got to go on stage as "Chef Kevin" near the end of the show. I felt like I bombed but on reviewing the tapes I guess I did ok. I wish the show was longer though, I'm a team player and don't mind waiting for the improv to "catch fire" as it were.

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  2. Strangely, I had a HH themed dream last night, probably because I read this post and responded to it. The whole thing was strange and personal like most dreams. The podcast was being recorded in somebody's house and Sean was interviewing a singer/songwriter in a really deep and sincere way. Hayes was off to the side and since Sean was busy I tried talking to Hayes but he kept brushing me off, making quips and not really connecting with me.