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    Hollywood Handbook Los Angeles Show

    https://www.eventbri...orderfblightbox Just learned about this event and bought tickets all under 10 minutes.
  2. MichaelHernandez

    Hollywood Handbook Los Angeles Show

    Well the show is done and it was good. Definitely an after-work let's all grudgingly drive downtown vibe compared to last year's show (which was at UCB Sunset). I think the UCB Sunset crowd was more pumped than the Hayworth crowd, but I can't prove any of this. I got to go on stage as "Chef Kevin" near the end of the show. I felt like I bombed but on reviewing the tapes I guess I did ok. I wish the show was longer though, I'm a team player and don't mind waiting for the improv to "catch fire" as it were.
  3. D'yall notice Sean and Hayes got clowned by PFT in his preroll ad this week? http://www.earwolf.c...ode/the-moon-2/ R.I.P. Hollywood Handbook
  4. MichaelHernandez

    Pro Version : After Dark

  5. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Dammit we ruined this episode.
  6. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 203 - Lamar Woods, Our Close Friend

    Another Golden Era of Hollywood Handbook begins!!!
  7. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 200 - Episode 200, Our Unbelievable Achievement

    Please add Cody to this.
  8. MichaelHernandez

    I had this crazy dream last night

    Strangely, I had a HH themed dream last night, probably because I read this post and responded to it. The whole thing was strange and personal like most dreams. The podcast was being recorded in somebody's house and Sean was interviewing a singer/songwriter in a really deep and sincere way. Hayes was off to the side and since Sean was busy I tried talking to Hayes but he kept brushing me off, making quips and not really connecting with me.
  9. MichaelHernandez

    I had this crazy dream last night

    If I'm in bed and they joke about the podcast ending its harder to sleep.
  10. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 197 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    Great scream work here!
  11. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 196 - Dom, The Scuzzman, and the Commenter Hunt

    i love this podcast!
  12. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 181 - Carl Tart, Our Close Friend

    Soooo good!
  13. My Hollywood Handbook google alert pulled up this interesting post: https://newyork.crai...6036569383.html Is this what they might call a "meet-cute"?
  14. i got into this podcast only AFTER listening to all Comedy Bang Bang, not before
  15. MichaelHernandez

    Bizarro Sean+Hayes on Chopped

    Given time to age, Hayes will most likely look like Stephen Lang...
  16. It was Sean that was who! We love this boy!
  17. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 156 - Jensen Karp, Our Close Friend

    Every day that this show isn't cancelled is a good day. Hash tag blessed. Emoticon.
  18. MichaelHernandez


    I will personally die if this show is cancelled.
  19. MichaelHernandez

    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    I was watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and noticed that Ted's relationship to his dad is similar to Sean's. Both dudes have cop dad's who give them a hard time when they just wanna go on adventures. I wanted to hear Keanu say "I don't think soooo!"
  20. MichaelHernandez

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Just heard this episode again, perhaps for the third time. Man it's a great one!!!
  21. Waaaa? How was I supposed to know about this beforehand? I have family in Austin. This would have been a grand excuse to visit them and more. How do I figure out this stuff before it happens?
  22. MichaelHernandez

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    Love this episode! That church pelvic thrust is the best!