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  1. urbanminstrel

    Pistol Shrimps Radio is back, baby!

    Saved all their gifts to the end of the show on the latest.
  2. urbanminstrel

    New Allen & Hearth Qu-16 Mixing Boards

    I also meant Allen & Heath...
  3. Was hoping Brett could give some insight into why these were chosen as the new boards. Obviously it has built in Analog-Digital which the previous boards didn't; but there's a lot of boards out there that do that so I'm wondering why these were chosen.
  4. If anyone's looking for the board shorting out it happens at 1:15:07.
  5. urbanminstrel

    New York Podcasts?

    I'm putting together a podcast network that's NYC based. Mostly with friends in the PIT/UCB communities. If you know anyone who's interested, let me know! KMW
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if someone could identify the DAW software on the screen in this shot, as well as the A/D box they're using. Thanks!
  7. urbanminstrel

    A new PFT show?!

    That would be awesome, but might be a bit too similar in format to the Thrilling Adventure Hour.
  8. urbanminstrel

    A new PFT show?!

    Coming Clean with Mike the Janitor.
  9. urbanminstrel

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    I've heard a lot of great advice from the Wolf Den to help my own podcasting projects. Thank you for all the input in the forums as well. Looking forward to the Wolf Den episode with Scott. Best of luck, Jeff.
  10. urbanminstrel

    Cheap alternatives to tabletop mic stands?

    Hey Brett, Was your signal flow Mics -> Soundcraft Mixer -> A/D or were your mics going straight into the A/D ? Was curious because I always saw the Soundcraft on the table and figured you used that for plugging in iPods as well. I wanted to know what role it played in the flow. Thanks for all the insight!