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  1. SolGoldman

    Episode 183 — The Wacky Office Guy

    lol I wonder what this guy's "excuse" would be?
  2. Its not supposed to be funny yet Andrew insists its not a serious source? What a fucking waste of time.
  3. Im most offended by Yo Is This Racist because its not funny. If there was a vote for worst podcast on Earwolf YITR would be the run away winner yet its on 5 times a week. What up with that?
  4. Antisemitruckism is no laughing matter.
  5. How come Margaret Chode has never been on the show?
  6. SolGoldman

    Episode 159 — Not Knowing Dads

    Um, maybe this show should be on like once a month instead of 5 times a week because the questions are getting really stupid.
  7. SolGoldman

    Episode 170 — The Kindest Man In Comedy!

    The Interrupter!
  8. Lenscrafters crafts your quality glasses in about an hour by putting the whole lab right in the store. So you can see better, faster.
  9. SolGoldman

    Episode 137 — Kroll Show

    The Kroll Show is not racist.
  10. Damn this guy gets good guests.
  11. SolGoldman

    Episode 143 — Hover Hand

    I went to college with this guy. Penobscot Hall represent!
  12. SolGoldman

    Episode 128 — Robert E. Lee Park

    The confederate flag is racist and anti-american.
  13. SolGoldman

    Episode 127 — White Trash

    This is podcast trash.
  14. SolGoldman

    Episode 3 — Toilet Wine

    Oh snap. TJ had me fooled!
  15. SolGoldman

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    Oh man this is gonna be good.
  16. SolGoldman

    Episode 121 — Black/White As Nouns

    Uh oh, sounds like were running out of questions.
  17. SolGoldman

    Episode 21 — Ballin'

  18. SolGoldman

    Episode 69 — Making Fun Of Names

    China is an imperialistic country. Is it ok to make fun of Chinese names?
  19. SolGoldman

    Episode 110 — Pointing Out Asian People

    This guest is cool. Totally honest. No pretentious bullshit. Rock on.
  20. SolGoldman

    Episode 109 — Tyler Perry Movies

    Hmmmm. Ya its also not on the home page like usually are either. Tyler Perry is a powerful man.
  21. Even though Andrew obviously makes racist remarks about white people I'm not going to disregard the everything he has to say. He does sheds light on many racist things going on in the world today. As a Jew I am more then offended by you comparing me to a Nazi. I think its pretty obvious that you are the one who is trolling in here. I will ask you again not to put words in my mouth. Good day.
  22. First of all how dare you claim that I ignore the voices of anyone. You don't know me. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. Adolf Hitler incited the holocaust by claiming that Jews had "too much power." Who we perceive to be in power does not factor into the definition of racism. Racism is toxic and dangerous from any direction. Even though I dont always agree with Andrew's views I appreciate the podcast because it promotes critical thinking. However it would be more substantial if not (nearly) every guest was selected because they agree with his position.