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    Miami Connection (1987)

    A Miami Connection live episode would be the best Christmas gift I could possibly ask for.
  2. revo


    Regardless of how you may feel about Clue, you've got to admit that it's bizarre. With the tone constantly shifting between light-hearted comedy and brutal murder, it's baffling to even consider what the director was going for. Then there's the aspect of different theaters getting different endings, along with deliberate attempts to connect the film to the board game. Clue essentially set out to be the first CYOA Movie, and I'd like the HDTGM crew to decide if it succeeded (but the answer is no). Oh, and it has the greatest final line in all of cinema.
  3. revo

    Space Jam (1996)

    I think Space Jam is a good movie, but we should know by now that How Did This Get Made? means a variety of things -- not just "this is so bad I can't believe it got funded," but "this is so insane that I can't believe it ever got funded." I think the story of how Space Jam was pitched, produced and funded would be fantastic to listen to, and I'm just laughing picturing June trying to decipher the logic behind it.