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  1. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 308 — Assuming Through Accents

    What did she mean by first-generation white American? Are her parents white immigrants or something? What accent did she really mean?
  2. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 269 — White Dude In A Dashiki

    White people in calavera makeup is usually ok, but that's pretty much just from Day of the Dead being so close to Halloween that it's like whatever, same shit. That parade looks iffy, actually--I see a lot of white people and no Latinos, which is problematic for an event that openly copies our shit, but maybe that's jus the photographer/editor only choosing white people for close-ups. On the fully terrible end of the spectrum, white people celebrating Cinco de Mayo is almost always fucking racist as shit.
  3. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 277 — Mexican American or Mexican National

  4. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 106 — Rainbow Party Pitch

    I really wish Mookie Blaiklock had been there for the trumpet video, woulda nailed the guy's voice and cadence.
  5. About the question of whether the Hollywood timing structure is intrinsically what we want from movies or just what we've learned through decades of movies like that--I think it's definitely the latter, because of Bollywood. The average Bollywood movie is like 2.5 to 3 hours, with an intermission halfway through. And Bollywood movies are as popular in South Asia as Hollywood movies are here.
  6. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 152.5 — 11/01/13 TWO CHARTED 91

    I looked it up, the lyric's "I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire."
  7. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 268 — Blue-eyed Soul

    I think David Bowie was one of the first guys they referred to as "blue-eyed soul" but I think he himself said he did "plastic soul" because his lyrics were about like, fashion and emptiness and shit.
  8. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 152 — Overture

    Best use of Bolero in a movie: [media=''] [/media]
  9. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 52 — LIVE from A3C Atlanta 2 Ft. Do or Die

    Great run yall, sad that you're leaving Earwolf but I look forward to your future recording in the studio
  10. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 261 — Kountry Lane

    They play old shit like California Love every now and then too.
  11. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 261 — Kountry Lane

    93.1 JAMZ, Madison's number one for hip-hop! *Katy Perry plays*
  12. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 8 — Lyndon B. Johnson

    Bunghole pants convo is a classic
  13. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 257 — Sock Monkeys

    Sock monkeys are some chicken and egg shit when you think about it. Blackface was probably intended to caricaturize black people to look more like monkeys, so I bet the sock monkeys try to claim seniority but they can't win. It's just a bad look nowadays.
  14. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 253 — Afraid of the Hood

    Yeah yall got it right. In a dangerous, mostly non-white neighborhood, the white people are probably much safer than the nonwhite people. People who do crimes know that the cops are way more likely to actually investigate shit when it happens to a white person, so why take that risk? But only a racist asshole would brag about benefiting from that.
  15. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 250 — Mimicking Accents

    "you love to lie" lolololol
  16. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 102 — Satan's Face

    Is there a bonus episode with a scene about buzzfeed waiting for us? pretty please fingers crossed
  17. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 248 — Todd's Life 2.0

    I wonder who Eric recorded with first, Comedy Bang Bang or Shots Fired...
  18. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 102 — Satan's Face

    Such a great ear for cadence, he's amazing.
  19. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 50 — Jenkem ft. Eric Andre

    Is Shots Fired leaving Earwolf??? Damn, yall are my favorite podcast.
  20. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 252 — Ex-Patriot vs. Undocumented Immigrant

    Think yall mean expatriate. An ex-patriot would be Aaron Hernandez. On the real, I think expatriate applies to people who live in another country but don't consider it their home and don't want to become citizens there. If we're using Coming to America terms for people who come to America, we gotta call them students.
  21. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 149 — Oprah Voices

    Howard's Lincoln sounds like Mickey Mouse
  22. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 251 — The Cotton Gin

    The Alamo is only famous because Davy Crockett died there. Nobody gives a fuck about Goliad because no celebrities died in it.
  23. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 6 — Origin Stories

    I dunno if this is true but I heard that European explorers and colonists got a ton of STDs from the Native Americans, especially the Spaniards in Latin America where there was more contact sooner, before all the natives died from European plagues.
  24. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 250 — Mimicking Accents

    Shoutout to North Texas!
  25. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 248 — Internalized Racism

    Tru Confessions: I used to make Mexican jokes about myself and laugh along when other people made them at me (which happened all the time) and I'm not even Mexican, I'm Venezuelan-Cuban. I also started going by Andy instead of Andres when I was like 10 because I was sick of people not being able to pronounce it. I let myself be colonized sorry yall.