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    Episode 225 β€” What’s Really Going On

    Yo Joshie, don't think that what you're talking about is what Ti's writing off as paranoid internet whackjob shit. The paranoid internet whackjob shit is the idea that the government is on the ball and coordinated enough to intentionally orchestrate the Trayvon trial media circus thing as a way to distract from NSA spying news. The Trayvon thing, the social problem behind it, is straight up a bigger deal than the NSA stuff. There's only a few thousand NSA/FBI/CIA/whatever employees and hundreds of millions of people in America, so the likelihood of some government spook searching YOUR email and monitoring YOUR calls is extremely low, no matter who you are. But if you're not white, the chances that you'll get racially profiled and/or hatecrimed are much higher. There's racist assholes with guns pretty much everywhere, and a lot of them are cops, backed up by lawyers and judges and politicians.
  2. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 241 β€” The Stallone Bros.

    Totally Biased with W Kamau Bell gets no love from FXX channelmates Scheer and Kroll huh
  3. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 1 β€” Fanute The Coupe

    Yo your shit made urbandictionary! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Fanute&defid=6501292
  4. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 223 β€” Perceptions of Cool

    I feel like the nonwhite people who were like "oh, that's why you're cool" to the half-white girl meant it in more of a "oh you're not acting like a fucking weirdo around me like how most white people do because they're intimidated/confused by my not being white" kind of way and then she always ruins it with white person indignation and they're like "damn, so close."
  5. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 221 β€” The 2 Broke Girls Writers' Room

    If there was ever a time to go against this podcast's tradition of not doing any research, it'd be this. When you haven't seen the show, especially recently, you can't credibly counter anything he says about how it's grown and changed and gotten better about racism and whatever.
  6. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 38 β€” Battle Music

    Womp up the battle jams
  7. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 142 β€” Bullshark

    April haters to the left
  8. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 221 β€” The 2 Broke Girls Writers' Room

    Colour????? YOU REDCOAT GTFO
  9. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 141.5 β€” 08/16/13 TWO CHARTED 80

    "I was scammed by hippies" was the best use of echo I've heard since the last DJ Drama track I heard.
  10. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 218 β€” The Confederate Flag

    The Confederate flag is basically the same as a swastika: when you display it, you're repping one of the worst things that ever happened in human history.
  11. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 37 β€” It’s A Long Way To The Top

    "You only live once: that's the motto fuckin YOLO And we bout it errday, errday, errday" -Sir Richard of Glinishmore
  12. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 41 β€” Stones Throw: Peanut Butter Wolf

    Peanut Butter Wolf is such a great name
  13. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    smdh Narnold you seem like the kind of guy who would wear all-out Nazi regalia to a Halloween party as a goof.
  14. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 93 β€” LIVE from DCM 15 Pt. 1

    Can't wait to hear Pts. 2-???
  15. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 140.5 β€” 08/9/13 TWO CHARTED 79

    Armen is great, haters to the left
  16. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 4 β€” The Knowledge Zone

    Sweet, a new episode! It had been so long since the last one I lost hope that it would continue!
  17. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 139.5 β€” 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    Jason Derulo!
  18. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 40 β€” Marci Beaucoup: Roc Marciano

    More like "I prefer actual good shit like Jay-Z," Johnny Cash is a legendary artist that everyone loves and he pretty much defines the genre.
  19. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 207 β€” World Music

    I can understand using the World Music category from a brick-and-mortar retail perspective but there's no excuse for that shit on the internet.
  20. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 206 β€” The O.J. Simpson Verdict

    When my white friend's dad said OJ was guilty a mob of black people hanged him in the town square while the all-black police force watched and distributed free drinks. The same thing happened to his grandfather when he said OJ was guilty 15 years earlier, and his great-grandfather before that. It wasn't really that long ago that white people who thought OJ was guilty weren't even considered real people and lower than even animals.
  21. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 235 β€” Concert Buddies

    Has there ever been a Scott-Brian-Doug reunion CBB episode?
  22. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 138.5 β€” 07/26/13 TWO CHARTED 77

    The gifts theme is the best one
  23. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 234 β€” Changing The Bandage

    Someday, a guest will do every Earwolf show in a week. Seth Morris on the way!
  24. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 202 β€” Spirit Animal

    The spirit animal thing is so weird to me because it's a super broad concept--special association with an animal that kind of defines your personality is a thing in pretty much all cultures including European/Western (Jesus is the lamb, so many kings associated with lions, Disney's animated Robin Hood). People everywhere have always projected human qualities onto animals and animal qualities onto humans. BUT then in the 60s New Age hippy types rrrreeeally leaned heavy on the Native Americans' versions of it and now it's pretty much lost to the racist appropriation bucket. FUCK YOU, HIPPIES.
  25. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 199 β€” Vincent Price Rap?

    I remember hearing that Vincent Price's poem in Thriller was a rap when I was a kid. I think a lot of people's definition of rap is kinda racist. Far as I can tell this is how the logic goes in their minds: