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    Episode 161 — Generalizing The South

    Actually, non-Hispanic white people were only 45% of the population of Texas in the 2010 census. The only states with a lower percentage of white people are Hawaii, California, and New Mexico. So when you say shit like "Fuck Texas, it's mad racist," all general like that, you're ignoring over half the state. Obviously we know that you mean the white people in power are racist but it's still annoying, like come on yo, we're there too. Don't ignore us like the racists here wish they could.
  2. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 161 — Generalizing The South

    The only problem I have with when people say stuff like everyone in the south is racist or all of the south is racist is that like, there are a lot of people in the south who aren't white. White people don't own the south anymore. So when I hear people say fuck the south or whatever, I'm like tell it to Bun B and see how you feel. Though yeah obviously the dominant white culture of the south is still super racist.
  3. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    Neveldine/Taylor to direct Fast 7
  4. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 2 — Season of the Witch

    Insanely, the Eyes Wide Shut bird masks were actually historically accurate for the Middle Ages http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_doctor
  5. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 82 — Apocalypse Crushes

    Just FYI, the whole movie Night of the Comet is on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn1oIVn92fY
  6. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 154 — Suit Shopping

    Racialism, shoutout to Ali G.
  7. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 149 — Basketball Vs. Hockey Fans

    Hilarious dodge. So what about conventional explosives? I never hear the gun people talk about the right to protect their property with land mines.
  8. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 149 — Basketball Vs. Hockey Fans

    I've always wondered why gun rights people never say shit about their constitutionally protected right to bear nuclear arms...
  9. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 126 — Mr. Manhattan!

    Seems like Eddie just misses the 70s. Great laugh though.
  10. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 141 — The Racist Label

    Muslim = Not White in this racist-ass country of ours ugh. McVeigh is a tricky example to use with terrorism-related stuff because he was pre-9/11.
  11. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

  12. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 132 — Where Are You From?

    Hari Kondabolu has a great bit about this.
  13. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 211 — April Fools!

    Fantasy soccer exists yall
  14. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 120 — All American

    The phrase "All American" comes from college and high school sports, especially football. Applied to girls then it's like the head cheerleader/quarterback's girlfriend. And since it's from the 50s and earlier before widespread racial integration in schools, it came to mean athletic blonde kids from Ohio or wherever.
  15. The racism about white guys moving to poor Asian countries for sex/marriage tourism is on the big level of inequality between Europe/America and the rest of the world. A middle class white dude in Asia has a much easier time romantically (and in general) than a middle class Asian dude in America, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that white people basically colonized the rest of the world on that British empire shit, and still sort of do with economic power (all the Made in Thailand/China/Taiwan/etc labels you see on manufactured goods here). Whether the guys moving to Asia to get married are doing it for personal racist reasons is one thing, but they're still benefitting pretty much directly from historical systemic racism.
  16. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 106 — Racist Against White People

    Inouye's dead and Akaka's retired.