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  1. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 379 — Grocery Store Sushi

    Is it racist that Cartoon Network fired Aaron McGruder from his own show (The Boondocks)
  2. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 175 — TUTSTEP

    The loop video of Jason Derulo signing his own name for 57 minutes is one of my favorite things on the internet Also, Pharrell shoulda got the Oscar. Happy is a way better song than the Frozen thing.
  3. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 377 — Diversity in Game of Thrones

    Worst thing is, there were plenty people of color in medieval Europe. Its pre-colonial/-slavery history has been hella whitewashed. Check it: http://medievalpoc.org/
  4. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 372 — Insulting the Irish

    The only white red-haired people problem you've described is "other kids are mean to you sometimes." Does the government spy on white people with red hair like they do on Muslims? Do the cops pull over random white people with red hair because they "match a description" like they do to black men? Do white people with red hair get asked to prove they're in the country legally like latinos? What's the unemployment rate for white people with red hair compared to white people with other-colored hair? How about the incarceration rate? The poverty rate? How many hate crimes are committed against white people with red hair every year? Being a white kid with red hair isn't that different from having to wear glasses. It's something you might get made fun of in school, and that's about as bad as it gets. Grow up and enter the real world.
  5. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 173.5 — 3/28/14 TWO CHARTED 112

    Who Charted is really the heart of Earwolf.
  6. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 367 — White People Doing Yoga

    For real, yoga is a huge White People Industry that makes mad money, and that's before you even start to get to the satellite industries for the accessories involved. South Asian children probly made your yoga pants.
  7. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    what is wrong with movies this week
  8. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 4 — Rattle and Hum

    Don DiMello likes U2 right?
  9. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 277 — Comedy Bang Me!

    "It's impossible to get a date. Once they find out you're Hitler it's over, forget about it."
  10. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 359 — Abe Lincoln the White Supremacist?

    Fair enough. Still, he believed they were human beings and it was wrong to own them, right?
  11. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 359 — Abe Lincoln the White Supremacist?

    I mean...does this caller really think that what politicians say in public about mad controversial issues in super tense times reflects their actual irl beliefs?
  12. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 358 — Affirmative action

    White women have benefited more from affirmative action than any other group. If affirmative action is racist, it's because it doesn't do a good enough job of helping racial minorities.
  13. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 275 — LIVE from SXSW 2014

    Has "It's been awhile" replaced "IIIT'S BEEN"
  14. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 170.5 — 3/7/14 TWO CHARTED 109

    Archimedes from Sword in the Stone
  15. AndyPacheco-Fores


    His scenes were also by far the best parts of Tropic Thunder.
  16. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    Doesn't Cactus Tony have a vendetta against Dimelo?
  17. Speaking of PFT/Herzog's travel suggestion of the trash island in the Pacific... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDBtCb61Sd4
  18. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 347 — Anti-Keystone Pipeline Ads

    For anyone interested, here's the ad and and article about it: http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Ewart+rips+Keystone+pipeline+China+economic+domination+with+video/9443054/story.html
  19. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 167 — Slope Style

    T-Bone Burnett definitely doesn't curate the music Nashville anymore. After the first season he left to do Inside Llewyn Davis, and now he's doing the music for True Detective. Callie Khouri is his wife though so I bet his presence on the show isn't entirely gone.
  20. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 324 — Do Black People Like Star Wars?

    I think the caller's wife was the one who asked if black people liked Star Wars, not anyone in the commercial.
  21. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 319 — Skin bleaching

    India's light-skinned thing goes back further than just white people (the Mughal rulers in the north were lighter-skinned than the darker-skinned folks further south) but you can bet your ass that British colonialism took that shit into overdrive. India also has way more British/European colonial influence than most other Asian countries too, it was basically their eastern hemisphere headquarters.
  22. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 80.5 — Minisode 80.5

    He probably meant to flip neck and leg around.
  23. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 18 — Moral Panics

    Ummmm...story time: In high school, two of my friends once crushed up Pez and snorted them. I was there and was supposed to too but I chickened out. Also we were at Disneyworld. Really. When I was in 2nd grade I "did" "cocaine" with some older kids. It was a plastic bag of flour--we rolled the flour up in a sticky note like a joint and blew it out like spitballs, didn't even inhale it. Had no idea how doing actual drugs actually worked. This was in the mid-90s. Kids are always pretending to do fake drugs, it's a thing that exists but it's not new or a trend.
  24. AndyPacheco-Fores

    Episode 115 — Daniel the Miracle Beagle

    That rich kid is from my home town, ugh.