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  1. I finally got around to shortening my plugs theme! Hope to hear it on the show soon! https://soundcloud.com/ronaldpdbrandt/its-time-for-plugs-shorter-edit Thanks, Ronald P.D. Brandt
  2. ronaldpdbrandt

    Bumping up the Plugs

    I posted this one a while back, and I just wanted to be sure it wasn't overlooked. I know it's longish (1:47), but maybe you could use it when you need to fill some time, or just play the first verse/chorus? http://soundcloud.co...-time-for-plugs Thanks!
  3. ronaldpdbrandt

    "It's Time for Plugs"

    I was challenged by a friend to have a new song recorded within two weeks' time, so I decided to finally lay down my plugs theme, which I had been meaning to do for a year or so. And now, a mere two days later, I submit my ticket to fame (for a week)! http://soundcloud.co...-time-for-plugs If you use it, please credit to Ronald P.D. Brandt. LOVE the podcast! The file was too big to attach directly, but the soundcloud file is downloadable. Thanks! Ron
  4. ronaldpdbrandt

    Six Pack

    Does anybody remember this pile of crap from 1982, starring none other than Kenny Rogers as a race car driver who "adopts" six foul-mouthed orphans to be his pit crew? It used to come on twice a day on HBO when I was a kid. I actually thought it was awesome back then, but upon revisiting it as an adult, I realized that everything about it is super-ridiculous. IT STARS KENNY ROGERS, for Pete's sake! Will Sasso doing his Kenny impersonation would have been more believable.