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  1. Jayph

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Amarth will be missed, but I'm also excited to see who Brian will roll next. Who's going to loot Amarth's sweet armor?
  2. Jayph

    Episode 43 — Let's Hop Out and Kill Grandpa

    2e! Triangle is hilarious. Best Vin Diesel impression ever, was that Ken?
  3. Jayph

    Episode 40 — Going Back To The Choppa

    The party should go back to the gas bag planet and pull the weapons and nuke from the nasa derelict. head back to the tower and bring the pain, nuke it from orbit. .
  4. Jayph

    Episode 35 — Inside the Black Tower

    As usual, a really great episode. Totally digging the Phantasm inspired atmosphere, lol. You should have the droning from the trailer on a loop in the background while you play.
  5. Jayph

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    The party has made it to planet Harkonnen. Heart plugs for all!
  6. Jayph

    Episode 31 — The Landing Day

    and is it just me but the end Earwolf credits are fucking annoying. The wolf howl wolf dead/sit booboo sit BS is laaaaaaaaaaaaame. Cringeworthy every time.
  7. Jayph

    Episode 31 — The Landing Day

    This episode had me rolling. Heelarious. Also, you guys rock for the quick turnaround of episodes. Love it!
  8. Awesome episode. Imagining 'Jazz hands' actually made me lol. I wonder what would happen if all of the magic armor was on one character. If it had a collective effect. If the guantlet didn't require an 'energy hand', or if 'stargoyle' could 'power' it somehow, I'm guessing the dragonborn would have to don it all (cuz no one else has a breath weapon). Might be an option if the party finds themselves in brick shithouse situation.
  9. Jayph

    Episode 26 — A Whole New (Gassy) World

    PleaseOpLEASEoPlease giant floating jellyfish encounter. Also, how badassery would it be to pull a railgun or machine gun from the nasa wreck and equip to the ship? GO 2ND, FUCK 4TH.
  10. Jayph

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    Water intrusion shockwaves are a nice touch. Very cool enviromental/atmospheric effect indeed. Still totally digging the wetsuits. Can't wait to see them used elsewhere (if they get off this 'planet'). Love to see how the group would go against some sahuagin, kuo-toans, or slaadi. Fuck some shit up underwater. But then again an 'aquamen' adventure might evolve into a spin off series where Blackie refers to the rest of his party as his entourage and actions consist only of getting laid, railing blow, and 'Ari' encounters. Although I would enjoy Armarth putting down Seth Green. (Was that a stretched reference?)
  11. Jayph

    Episode 20 — Burst Through and Kill

    Love the underwater desolation, as usual, awesome episode!
  12. Jayph

    Episode 19 — Enter The Water Realm

    YAY GERRY/SIR RICHARD!1 the one-armed knight, destroyer of the evil cleric kimble, champion of glendale-glennish-moor. YAY JAYPH! the twitchy, 'essentially-useless', muttering-to-self, fighter/mage! Why does sir dick have only 1 arm? Does he have a special prosthetic somewhere or was that a specific character design decision? Is it fully off at the shoulder or does he have a stump?
  13. Jayph

    B R I A N

    Watched your new special on Netflix, 'The Fartist', funny stuff man looking forward to more. Any chance of Round 2 of Comedians of Comedy?
  14. Jayph

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    Water armor
  15. Jayph

    Questions for Sark

    Why are you playing 4e if you guys normally play 2e?
  16. Jayph

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    Awesome session. The party needs to try and capture one of these collectors. Charm maybe? Killer idea with the water elemental suits! Wonder if they can form edged or blunt tentacles the party can fight with like a T2? Extra arms? Projectiles? Maybe help springing and jumping? Spray a cone of super-heated steam? EPIC HYDRO DICK LANCE! Should try to have them all merge like voltron to form a giant water golem. Watch out for electrical and cold attacks.
  17. Jayph

    Questions for Sark

    Again Craig, it's about consistency. When a 82 is rolled on the fumble/crit chart it should have the same result everytime an 82 is rolled. Pulling results out of your ass all of the time isn't fair to the players. I realize it's a fantasy world but I personally prefer some logic and legitimacy. Some don't and hey that's cool, but I'm not going to bag on them for offering alternatives. But I guess when you play in the hippy-dippy, free-love rules arena of 'whatever the DM feels like goes cuz he's all about imagination, hugs, and cuddle parties', then by all means, keep it up. I'd hate to be a player in your campaign when you're in a bad mood. But I'm guessing your middle-schoolers keep you plied with enough cheesy poofs, sour patch kids, and barely legal 4chan manga downloads to keep you keeping your campaign all easy victories, Monty Hall hauls, and just enough softcore interaction to maintain everyone at half mast. GAME ON BIG GUY! You are the music maker, you are the dreamer of dreams. Never stop letting those pink, puffy, pups suckle from your magically delicious snozberry teats of imagination, you will provide everything they need! And if they have a problem, fuck em', you're the DM right?
  18. Jayph

    Questions for Sark

    .....Didn't realize two pages of charts was 'overwhelming' for you Craig. 'Bring it to a halt?' Not sure what severity of ADHD your players have but I'd hardly call rolling 2 ten-sided dice an incidence where the game is 'ground to a halt'. How would you know what Sark's botch system is? As far as I can tell it hasn't been posted or explained in detail. 'Easy to remember?' I'm thinking it's easy to remember because he's pulling it out of his ass (in a way.) 0-60= double/minor damage/trip/fall. 61-100= heavy damage/loss of limbs/life/severe friendly fire. Utilizing charts doesn't = lack of creativity and imagination. Charts are part of the process so that players and dm's can reference rules already in place, it's about creating consistancy. Supplementing them with these kinds of tables is just personal preference not bad campaigning. I personally enjoy the specifics of the chart. Loosing an eye or a limb is much more dramatic than just general woundings.
  19. Jayph

    Questions for Sark

  20. Jayph

    Episode 17 — Hack and Slash

    Spelljamming race from ?, enemas up a portal to the elemental plane of water to create world in the prime material plane for ? reason; also collects slaves from across the spheres for ? Players are about to be sloppy hot-tub fucked by various-colored floating sheets which are most likely puppeteered worker bees of an even nastier nasty still lurking. These guys are the psionic deep south klan from spooky-ville. Fuck your gear. Go back to the prison bloc and see if another water elemental is locked up. Buddy up, grab a ship and bail. Then, from a safe distance, figure out the backstory, sort your options, recruit more 5-gallon arrowheads, and then suit up hero-style for the waterworld deathstar return run. It's a trick. Get an axe.