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  1. This movie was so confusing it made me doubt whether I had even seen the first Highlander.
  2. Not on Youtube but, this facebook video is pretty great:
  3. danpinto

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    The sad obese Society player (named Gorge) was played by Ramsey Moore, who sadly passed in 2015. His IMDB credits are a cavalcade of "Fat Guy" insults: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1276735/?ref_=tt_cl_t8
  4. Best line in the movie: "They looked at me like I threw a porcupine in a bathtub."
  5. This woman is having some kind of world premiere for her new song. The song also happens to be incredibly racist. She's formerly a contestant on The Apprentice. The song starts around 35 seconds in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgSS1pDkMgQ
  6. danpinto

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    The one audience member brought up t-shirts with the NY vs SF Giants but, did anyone else notice that one of the bullies beating up JCVD's now deceased Asian adoptive brother was wearing a Bartles & Jaymes t-shirt?
  7. danpinto

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    It's funny that Paul said the movie felt like Cobra Commander and Destro formed a Rock Band. This actually happened in an episode of GI Joe called "Cold Slither." The episode is bananas from start to finish but the basic plot is that after being bankrupt by GI Joe, Cobra decides to create and market a rock band named "Cold Slither" in order to recoup it's lost fortune and brainwash America's youth. It also features a shady businessman named Stinky. http://gijoe.wikia.com/wiki/Cold_Slither
  8. "Olympic-Level Troll Hijacks HLN Segment on Edward Snowden to Defend Edward Scissorhands" Good part starts at 2 minutes. https://www.youtube....h?v=1OqqNG0vuO4
  9. danpinto

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Does Paul know about ListenToAMovie? www.listentoamovie.com It's a site where you just listen to movies in their entirety. Maybe up his alley.
  10. danpinto

    Episode 72 — Toys

    Everyone in this movie is like Tom Hanks in Big. Everyone is a 12 year old kid stuck in a 30 year old body.