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  1. Since Paul was never meme’d quite as often as his co-hosts, I decided to create a new template for him. I was inspired by his unique (and sometimes baffling) commercial reads.


    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Paul Scheer: America’s Pitchman”.








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  2. Oh boy. The best word I could use to describe this movie would be "insufferable." It starts out wanting to be a wacky family comedy, ends up trying to be a black comedy, and fails to be at all funny in either extreme.


    Rick Moranis is tired and uninterested, Tom Arnold is schizophrenic, and the rest of the cast is wallpaper. I can't remember the last time I so desperately wanted a movie to be over.


    With that in mind, I can't wait to hear what Paul, June, and Jason have to say about all this.


    Also of note:

    What else am I forgetting?

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