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  1. Dame With No Name #ShortStory #Noir http://t.co/ti9WTa7TGo A Chauncey Gardiner mystery

  2. .@adampally is in #IronMan3 which is the greatest piece of casting ever.Ever

  3. A Letter From Bryan Adams to Donald Trump http://t.co/JfyGfOvcRR #ShortStory

  4. .@normmacdonald 's new podcast. The reason the internet was invented: http://t.co/8xxWUIin7O

  5. Can't wait for @ATXFestival announcement tomorrow #atx

  6. .@RobThomas coming from Ireland for NYC premiere. Can't F'N wait #veronicamarsmovie

  7. What do #mayaangelou & @SethGreen have in common? Nothing

  8. Concise pithy tweet

  9. A Priest, a Minister and a Rabbi walk into a bar and have a nice drink and a chat. Lovely stuff.

  10. Emmy voting season is upon us. This character lit up the screen so bright it exploded: #Morris #ParksandRec

  11. .@ChuckWoolery UNBLOCK @jakefogelnest P.S SCHRAPLING STILL THINKS YOU'RE A WAD!

  12. I think they should shorten "Emergency Room" to just "ER". Would make it a lot handier in an emergency.

  13. Top notch ending. A lot of credit has to go to the alter boys. Pure pros #JesusTime

  14. I'm flabbergasted by the treatment of @DaftLimmy today. There's nae call for it. Absolutely nae call.