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  1. Why didn't anyone warn me abut the crushing disappointment from not getting your PCG question read. I woke up this morning more excited than a child on Christmas day. Now post-listen I feel like a shallow husk of a man, more empty than I've ever felt.


    Yes it is quite jarring isn't it.


    I've received a pro version and a couple of post likes from Hayes but no popcorn questions asked.


    It used to bum me out but after hearing their treatment of Joe vis-à-vis the Pro Version I'm kinda glad.


    I think they're both threatened by how handsome he is.

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  2. Great first forum. When is HH Forum 2.0 coming out?


    We're developing a watch.


    Gives you a notification when a new ep is out.

    Sean and Hayes point to the time with their hands.

    Plays the popcorn gallery theme on a loop.

    Counts your laughs per second to give you a bussing up ratio which we can then all compare to see who gets the most jokes. Points are awarded to the winner.

    You can swipe it at the Arclight to get in to "The Untitled Engineer Cody Boy Project" for half price.

    There's a button on the side that makes it say "Baba Booey" when pressed.


    Tim is giving the keynote.

    Dixon worked on most of the core infastructure.

    Kittens came on board late to the project but he's developed a cool recipes app.

    Anastasia tells you what's hot and what's not when you scan it over something.

    There's a gallery of pictures of Joe when you need a boost.

    I kiss every model before it ships.

    Michael Bay of Pigs developed a "Forum Avatar Creator" but it doesn't work so that'll probably be next gen.


    You get the gist. I can't remember the other features. I sure more info will become availalable closer to launch so STAY TUNED!

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  3. Hey guys, I'm doing a solo bolo to Ireland in June. There are some people from there on here right? Can I crash on your couch?


    Well you definitely, absolutely, definitively can not crash on my couch because I don't have couch insurance and my D said if I get involved in another couch crash I'm in big trouble for sure.


    honlads may be more open to it. Although I have never met the man, I have vigorously studied the video he submitted to Hayes' B day vid and he seems #2 handsome, nice, friendly, good at walking, swell at buying cards, affluent and tech savvy.


    AND I'm sure he has a great mug collection.

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    So I made this at work today. You get points if you can name all the forum members featured. Sorry if I didn't get you in there! Gimme some suggestions for the next thing I should draw instead of doing work!


    This is tremendous. Great job.


    I think most on the forum, myself included, would enjoy a drawing of some tasteful erotica featuring Sean and Hayes in suggestive poses with Cody watching in the background.


    Preferably something quite chaste though. Anything brazen would be too much for all but the most extreme boarders (e.g Chanson)

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  5. Jotted down some quick notes on each call as I walked home. Accidentally got the notes and camera apps mixed up and took a snap of myself deep in thought first which was embarrassing1:




    Andrew: I found Andrew wonderfully respectful and not at all overawed by the gravity of the occasion. You got things off to a lovely start.


    Tim: Very good at describing. Great Movies question. Disappointed you weren't asked to sing.


    Brgrho: Brgrho was like an excited puppy. Maybe even like that Air Bud that was held in such high regard in the previous call.


    Ranran: oooh. Ranran. You missed out on the chance of a lifetime. You'll find it hard to live this one down. Maybe write a song about it.


    Chanson: Firstly, it takes a big man to apologise and we're all proud of you. Secondly, I'm not familiar with Maritime Orders of Succession but if you're dad is Captain, what rank does that make you? Junior Captain?


    Joe: Joe came across as really handsome on this. I didn't quite get aroused but it takes a lot for me to do so early in the day.


    Anastasia: Very wise. Handled Sean's little birthday tantrum beautifully. Interesting that you have the same issues with race as Chanson. Hmmmmm


    Steve H: I really hope your kid forgives you. Also the kid seemed to really enjoy the tenor of Sean's voice.


    A Bear: I was overjoyed that Sean got straight to the issue of double registration. The dark cloud that has besieged the forum recently has been lifted finally.


    ChandlerBIng.com: Oh boy. I tutted a lot during this one. Glad he got pwned.


    Lauren: An unknown new woman! What the….. Hopefully Chanson doesn’t antagonise you.


    All in all, a very fun insight into the collective psyche of the forum and it seems Hayes and Sean agonize over the minutiae of every post and poster.


    1. That's right! We have sunshine too AMERICA!

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  6. I know Hayes said he was going to South Africa but I fear his involvement in Going Clear has caused Scientology to throw him into The Hole but they realised he's waaaaay cooler than L Ron and stronger than Miscavige so now he's the boss.


    Also, I'm going to start saying "Love 15" now when someone says something "points" worthy. And then they'll say "What does that mean?" and I'll say 'You know like Tennis Points" and they'll say "Ah clever. Points" and we'll both chuckle.

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  7. I really enjoyed this episode. Hal seemed like a pleasant man.


    I got a strong feeling listening though that Sean is like Zach Morris, Hayes is like AC Slater and Cody is very much like Screech.


    I've gone much deeper with that thought over the last couple of hours and assigned characters to most everyone involved in this enterprise.


    Basically beloved forum member Joe is Professor Laskey from the College Years because they are both so handsome and Laskey had an affair with Kelly.

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  8. i got the pro version, baby

    i need to order some extra special dinner to celebrate - all ideas welcome

    Feels pretty good doesn't it.


    This is what I had for dinner yesterday:




    It's kind of a deconstructed then reconstructed for a baby shepherds pie. It can only be eaten with a small thomas the tank engine spoon as well.


    I can give you the recipe if you like?

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