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  1. Biggest takeaway is that White People really like Hayes.


    Also that Eurospar looked incredible, particularly with the trademark grey Irish sky over it.


    Also well done on putting the video together.


    Also most of you look exactly like I expected you to look


    Also Landscape mode.


    Also this forum is definitely the best of the internet. It's very warm and genuine and VERY funny a lot of the time and people who aren't cool and funny aren't belittled.


    Also Hayes hasn't liked the video yet which is quite rude. Should be the FIRST thing he does on his birthday.





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  2. Just a quick update on Bridget. Bit of a good new/bad news scenario:


    Bad News: Bridget wanted to wear a top with a deep plunging neck line which I thought was way tooooo risque. You can only imagine the fight we had about that one.


    Good news: Jane, Bridget's Aunt, came over for some bacon and cabbage and she said she loves the podcast. Apparently she worked on a fitness DVD with Sean and Hayes a few years back (probably before Hayes' muscle smallening surgery) that has yet to be cleared for release because it's being held back for being too good.


    She said she loves the podcast because it makes her laugh a lot but also gives her some helpful tips even in the autumn of her career.


    I asked if they ever shared cigarettes but she remained coy on the subject.


    Then there was a weird noise on the baby monitor in Bridget's room so I'm checking in her closet for ghosts right now.

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  3. Hi guys.


    I don't know if I'm gonna be able to drop my usual clever & witty repartee on this thread because Peter Fonda just hired me to be Bridget's new au pair.


    I know. I thought it was weird too. I'm 22 years younger than her but when Peter calls you drop everything. He's paying me 20000 a week and a box of Google Glasses so if anyone wants a pair let me know.


    So I met Bridget for the first time today and, as I was tucking her in, I asked her how much she likes the podcast. She told me Hayes is some kind of genius and that Sean is Hollywood's OG Bad Boy but she was unaware of the podcast!!!


    I know!! Anyway when we come back from the Paddy's day Parade today I'm going to start her off on episode one. Frankly, her career could use it.


    I'll keep you in touch in between naps and feeding and questions about Single White Female. I'm sure she'll be pretty tuckered out after all the walking and candy and dying her hair green.


    Wish me luck.

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  4. OHMYGOD Have any of you guys ever had "sex".


    I was out with some friends last night and this girl came up to me and she was like "WOW. You're cool. Do you want to dance?"


    And then I was like "OK. I've never done it before but it sounds easy enough. Backstreet Boys can do it and one of them had really heavy eyebrows"


    Then after a while she was like "Hey. Do you want to come back to my place?"


    And I was like "Sure. That sounds great!" Cause I thought she might have a PS4 or Xbox and I really want to play them cause the screen on my neo geo was smashed by my brother Jefferiah. UGH I hate him so much.


    So we got back to her place and she was like "Let's have sex!"


    And I was like "OK. I've never done it before but it sounds easy enough."


    And then I won't go into much detail but we did it. We had sex.


    And like 3 minutes later it was over but it was really cool. Then she gave me a cigarette but I told her I only vape to sound cool.


    Then I left and I couldn't decide between an uber or a lyft so I walked home and I just got in the door now.


    Anyway you guys should definitely try it!! I kind of tweaked my shoulder but don't worry about me I'm ok.

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  5. Seeing as Hayes is desperately trying to get on the podcast merry go round with his recent spate of appearances, I think we should all start individual podcasts just to help ol Hayes out. Seems he'll definitely show up if he can talk about the TV shows he used to jerk it to as a kid.


    I'm going to be there in a few weeks so I'm certain I can get him on my famous podcast "Order Hors d'oeuvres: How do you order your Hors d'oeuvres? A podcast about ordering Hors d'oeuvres"



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  6. I did an interview with our national Radio station, RTE, today about the popularity of vinyl. I'm a cool guy who knows about music and works in a music shop.


    The interviewer asked:


    "Why is Vinyl back at the top of the charts?"


    I said:


    "Vinyl? Oh you know it be tight!"


    It was met with a pointed silence. The interview didn't last much longer. I had a bit of a laugh though. I doubt it shall be broadcast but if it is I shall post it here immediately.

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  7. Could I BE1 looking forward to this episode any more.



    1: A reference to "Chandler" from "Friends". That was his "catchphrase"/the way he phrased things. Just the "BE" part. He emphasized it for comic effect. You remember Chandler? From Friends? The popular 90s sitcom? Seriously? It was very popular. Jeez look it up. You'll be kicking yourselves.

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