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  1. Great day.


    A really fun episode of the podcast "Hollywood Handbook". Good guest. She really enjoyed hanging with The Boys.


    My dear friend Jackal got a shoutout. This, coupled with condoms with my face on them, should get him super laid. And ChicknSandwich finally got taken down a peg or two. And it's always a delight to hear the warmth in Sean's voice when he says Andrew's name.


    There's 6 new episodes of Alan Partridge.


    I just had some nice toast and a stinger bar.


    AND we don't have to listen to ran blabber on about her FUCKING birthday anymore. Get over it. We all have them.

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  2. Guest,


    I've heard people say "It's not the size of it but what you do with it that matters" but what if it's small and you slap people in the face with it and it doesn't make that satisfying "THWUNK" sound?


    Then surely the size does matter.






    I'm not talking about myself. Mine is HUGE. I swear. My friends have told me that saying. And I have loads of friends. REAL FRIENDS. Not forum bullshit. Also I think I'm overusing Spoiler Tags


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  3. I'm reminded of the time Spunky said something really funny in a New Orleans restaurant and the mayor overheard him and immediately gave him a gold popular star and they did a parade for him and everyone had a great time and it made the front page of the wall street journal and you could see dixon crying in the corner of the photo.


    Oh but dixon got a few likes on a forum. wow.

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  4. Edit: Had to edit this post because it was super lame. It was like it was written by a newb as opposed to an ICON. Sorry if i let anyone down.


    Anyway, another fun episode of the popular podcast Hollywood Handbook released exclusively on the Earwolf network every Tuesday.*


    *(Except that one time. Remember that time? Trauma.com - Is trauma.com a good saying? I dont think so)

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  5. whoa what the heck!!!! my gif???

    it is NOT okay to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    please watermark all my gifs with a nasa mug tia


    Thanks for the gif babes.


    Usually I'm loath to use one of my precious posts on a simple yet powerful "Thank You" for fear it will negatively affect my frankly stunning ratio of which I'm so proud and have tattooed on my butt but in this instance I have broken with tradition because your gif, my dear Zsinjeh, was fuckin mega and it deserved to be on display again for all to see.

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  6. You know I can't stay up past midnight, Hayes.


    Everyone knows.


    Alan: "Hey ranran. Can I stay up past midnight?"


    Ranran: "Of course not. Everyone knows that. You know that Jmo. Don't you?"


    JMosnterface: "Tsuh. Sheesh. Everyone knows that. Just like everyone knows me and Bear ain't the same person."


    Bear: "Did someone say my name! Also it's after 11 in Ireland, Alan. You can't stay up much later than this."

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  7. Z8XJSc0.jpg















    *Just checking to see if I can post any old nonsense and still rack up the "likes". I'm starting to wonder if my wild popularity is simply because of who i am or if my posting is still "Cheeky Nandos" level.


    Loved this ep as much as I love 69% of you. It was great having the boys back together and I was content with the content. Laughing out LOUD Now imagine this: Batman vs Superman but it's Hayes vs Sean. Imagine how many box offices THAT would do, Can you imagine. Could I BE any more excited. I said that like Dandler from the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Some probs don't remember but it was gr8



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