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    Kidding you guys. Lol



    Looking forward to this episode. I like the way Sean and Hayes being on opposite coasts has freshened up the show these past few weeks.


    Also, Chanson sent me another rap this week but it's far too disgusting to post. He rhymes the word "front" with the word "...."1 and he does it 11 times. It's a strange rap.


    1. (you know the word. I'm all for the first amendment but the way Chanson uses the word repeatedly, I'm not so sure anymore )

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  2. Was thinking of changing my name to Jennie Garth Brooks or Chanson of the Mask but decided that I'm too iconic and people don't like change and I'm an important.


    We all get a great laugh out of Greggy never getting a pro version but I think it's well time he got one or 2 or maybe the elusive 3 because he's nice & funny & too scary (a clown!?!?) like a skellington & he's a friggin nerd who loves fiiiilms.



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  3. I told ADC the world wasn't ready for his "art." I was just trying to protect you all. He's dangerously sexy.


    I've since come to realize that censorship is wrong and that the world needs to see this "art." I'm sorry. I was wrong. I realize that now.


    Thank you Chanson. I'm humbled by your friendship.


    This is really a great episode. Solid opening and very fun guest segment. The answers to the questionnaire were tremendous.

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    For Immediate Release -


    ADC, who had been banned previously for dangerously sexy posting, has now been reinstated following the intervention of a panel of Forum faves on his behalf during hours of intesive talks over the weekend.


    Said ADC, "I would like to thank my dear friends for intervening on my behalf and I am ecstatic that I can now return to the forum. AND what a week to return with the completion of the Wild Horse Quadrilogy. I would also like to personally thank Sean and Hayes for the laughter that has emboldened my sprit during a trying week."


    Asked by reporters what he thought the episode would be like, ADC simply said "P great."

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  5. Hi friends and enemies


    Here's an audio rip of the Podfest vid in case you want it for your archives. You know who else had archives? That's right. Hitler. You sure you wanna have something in common with that jerk off?




    I definitely didn't get my Jons mixed up the first time I uploaded it

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