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  1. Another top drawer episode. Very funny ads. Nice long guest segment. Incisive political talk. Nice to hear Sean say "cheeky". Really want to see that word seep into your culture.


    I've been re-listening to RSS lately and this is arguably the greatest moment in US history. Should be stitched into the flag :


    "I have a bmw, a porsche, a monster truck, a house, and 30 companies. SUCK MY DICK"



    Sorry this is so half arsed. I tried using my dick instead on my fingers and the results were not so impressive:





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  2. I think it's important to relax guys.


    Listen to the episode. Enjoy It.


    Let the humour soak in to your bones and then post.


    Don't feel the pressure of trying to impress the cool forum elders or Hayes and Sean.


    Remember the old saying "Quality not quantity".


    And, as always, If it's your first night you gotta fight Joe's guide is a handy tool for all posters, old and new:



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  3. when ur m8s are rite slaggered from lager and wonnuv'em, e's stumblin down the apples and pears and you get one proper butcher's at the bloke and know e must've'ad a whole Henry to himself earlier, way he's lolloping about like a bleeding camel, then all of a sudden u lock eyes at the fellow and you know it's time for a cheeky dorito


    Nah mate. It's like when you've just glassed your mate boz for looking at shaniqua the wrong way and the fuzz are chasing you down and your other mate dickie says follow me and he jumps into a building and you know the smell of piri piri and before you know it you're having a cheeky Nandos

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  4. Wow. I was away for the weekend and I couldn't be arsed reading through all I missed so I'll try and guess what was said:

    • Joe: "Oh yeah baby! Shagadelic!! Grooovy!! I'm so handsome that if you take a picture of me your camera gains a megapixel."
    • Chanson: "My dad is a boats guy and it's father's day. Ugh! The golf is annoying me as it makes Washington look silly. Gross."
    • Anastasia: "Y'all post some weird stuff. Lists are my thing so back off jerks!!!"
    • devscoots: "jdhdbaj saksandj. Great time. Boomerang."
    • Andrew: "Gosh"
    • Dixon: "[gif] [/gif)"
    • I'm sure Colt Barton referenced his encounter with Shaq in some way
    • New members: "Let's try and break the rules and start new threads before getting a feel for the place and clicking into line. Also, ADC probably has a super sweet bod behind the mug in his picture. I bet he's really strong too. He's definitely good at jumping. I can tell."

    I have read the last few posts however and I can exclusively reveal that I'm too old to have grown up with Pete & Pete.

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  5. The live recording is with Brian Huskey so hopefully a script reading from Teen Pope 2 is on the agenda.


    I really laughed a lot at the "pussy eating" tips on this week's episode. It reminded me of a similar episode of This American Life when Ira Glass went into extremely graphic detail on the subject

















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  6. You want Pet pics. You got it:




    You want Dinner pics. You got it:




    You want episode discussion. You got it:


    Great to hear Cody helping out with an ad but he did put me off ever using Amazon again. I'm proud to be a "World Person" and I loved the veiled shoutout to Devscoots. There was alot of funny and raunchy stuff.


    Andrew sounded so refined and, frankly, delightful and his Mr. Bean knowledge was top notch. I liked when you said "Gosh". Great discussion of Anglo Irish relations and Ned Divine.


    Neil Campbell was fun as always.

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