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  1. A very enjoyable show.


    I thought the "intro talking over the theme" bit was a top 5 all time. I was walking home at the time and I'm sure a few people saw me laughing. They probably thought I was weird initially but then realised it was actually Tuesday so i had a valid reason to be laughing to myself in public.


    I'm glad Sean referenced the swell poster I'm sure a lot of us have as well:



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  2. I've developed a personality test and algorithm which will enable me to mark all forums members out of 70. Simply answer the following questions either seriously or jokingly and we will all be able to see your cool rating:


    Favourite Episode: Dave Thomas


    Favourite Film: High Fidelity


    Favourite TV Show: Friday Night Lights


    Favourite Band: Pavement


    Favourite City: Austin


    Red or Turquoise: Red


    Famous person you'd give a kiss on the cheek: Mary Elizabeth Winstead


    Favourite Number out of 70: 11


    Joe and Tim's Celeb Couple Name: McTreese



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  3. Americans say "What's Up Dude"


    Australians say "How's it going"


    Irishes say "Howya"


    Englanders say "alright guv'nor"


    Germans say "Wie gehts"


    Frenches say "Ooh La La Bonjour"


    We're all so different but we've united to create something beautiful. We've deconstructed the decades old art form of the internet message board to fashion a new way of posting, We've all slammed the normal forum conventions on to the ground and given them a big 'ol kick in the balls and said "NO MORE".


    We don't discriminate against race or colour or creed. We embrace all humanity has to offer whether they be the #1 Handsome Boy or a poster with a truly bad username. We are gender blind (except Chanson). We patiently wait for some popcorn even as it becomes more and more scarce. We even fuckin kinda tolerate SteveH!


    In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind.

    Mankind -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

    We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

    We will be united in our common interests.

    Perhaps its fate that today is the 30th of May, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation.

    We're fighting for our right to live, to exist. To post funny stuff.

    And should we win the day, the 30th of May will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:

    "We will not go quietly into the night!

    We will not vanish without a fight!

    We're going to live on!

    We're going to survive!"

    Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!




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  4. This has been a truly hilarious and, dare I day it, sexy week.


    First, great episode this week. It was funny and it was nice to get the runtime back over the 60 minutes. "More is more" as the old saying goes.


    Later my battery was at 69% which is one of the funniest things because it's both funny and racy.


    Today, I was working away. Just inputting invoices on to the system when something caught my eye. I stopped myself and thought "No. It couldn't be happening twice in 1 week. I couldn't be that lucky". So I picked up the next invoice and slowly opened my eyes on the reference number and.....








    GET IN YOU BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!


    Needless to say I haven't been able to get a jot of work done since. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm like one of those "Heroes" from the soon to be hit series "Heroes: Reborn" and my power is I can make numbers change to "69" and this will throw my enemies off either through the force of laughter or the sheer magnitude of their arousal.

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  5. Rock solid episode this week. The Dave memories were wistful and lovely and the cameo was a nice change of pace.


    I hope a Cloverfield doesn't attack NYC while Hayes is there but if ever there was a time for it to happen you'd probably want a strong guy like Hayes around to deal with it.


    I worry that I post too many pictures and don't let my mask slip and reveal my true psyche to all of you but this one was tooooo good not to post:




    I was going to make a classic joke along the lines of "If there's a 69 going on, you better have a power reserve!!!!" but then I realised it would be too crass for a sophisticated, debonair forum like this.

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  6. ADC, you were in San Francisco four weeks ago and you didn't even attempt to meet up with me? Rude.


    Anastasia, that was a picture from 3 years ago. I was trying to make my Instagram friends think that I was cool and wordly. I'm sorry If I offended you in any way.


    Unfortunately now I appear to be a fool.


    I shall definitely be in California in September. I'll send you a postcard via US Mail. I presume the address is as follows:


    Anastasia ("Anastasia who?" you ask? Why Anastasia Vigo, of course)

    Cheesecake Factory,

    Macy's (Top Floor)

    Union Square

    San Francisco, CA




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  7. Any of you see "Montage of Heck"?


    I hope it turns into a series like "Behind The Music"


    Don McLean: Montage of Heck

    Huey Lewis: Montage of Heck

    Creed: Montage of Heck


    Come to think of it, Creed: Montage of Heck would be better than the Cobain one because they're shrouded in mystery.


    I'm going for a walk now. BYE!!



    A short walk to make me feel better about sitting on me arse for the rest of the day. I don't go for long walks. I would sy it's mainly because it's always raining here but it's actually because I'm extremely lazy and I'm not very fond of grass. Just don't like the way it feels underfoot.

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  8. Damn. Chanson, is your post that mentions Vader, WA too many posts ago for me to post a picture of the wrestler Vader? It's kinda my thing. I could even use one from his Boy Meets World appearance since bringing up old shows is so funny.


    This was Vader a few days ago. Still looks ace:




    Obviously that's the wrestler Vader and not Vader, WA. Although Chanson didn't post his picture so I'm not 100% on that.

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  9. Watch that ADC video again and again. That's all I've been doing today. I could watch that guy fall a million times.


    ...And I have. My work is suffering horribly and I am sure I will be out of a job soon. This addiction is ruining my life!



    EDIT: I've watched it so many times that I've noticed there is a cute little dog in the bottom left corner.


    That's Bunk. He came over to check and see if I was ok. Initially he was like "Who's this Australian dude?" I told him it was me and I explained what I was doing. He rolled his eyes and went back to his basket.

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  10. Man! The more life nuggets devscoots reveals the more intriguing he is. "Oh, yes, when I lived in Cambodia...." Please tell me more.



    Also, ADC, if you ever wish to make a video of you saying lines from Masterchef Australia, I would appreciate that.


    I've granted my beautiful Irish brogue to this forum on a few choice occasions over the last few months Anastasia but I think this could be a bridge too far.


    I'm worried that it may lead to a major international controversy due to the crapness of my impression.


    On the other hand, I'm watching an episode later so you never know.............

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