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  1. I made a poster of myself on the dirty dancing poster today but I cut out my hands for some reason and now it looks a tad weird. I still look cool but I have no hands. Hands are important for dancing. Looking cool is important too.


    I put it on my Facebook in the hope that some girls I fancy see it and think to themselves "WOW. He's good at dancing and has at least a basic knowledge of Photoshop."


    Then I thought to myself "You've got too much time on your hands."


    I then realised I have no hands and had a pretty good laugh to myself. Halfway between a chuckle and a guffaw. Gave me a boost for the rest of the day.




    Also the CBB episode with our boys was good and I enjoyed it as I'm sure did all of you.


    Oh, and Norm on Letterman on Friday night was truly a great moment in comedy history.

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  2. A "Best Of" is going to have to be 4564 minutes long because saying any part of the show is better than another is a fallacy.


    Actually you could probably shave off some Cody business if you need to tighten it up.






    Good. I hope it was.

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  3. 5 pages in and I haven't seen any Handbook Classics posting, like your Anastasia Vigos, your Valerie Bryants, Your Tim Treeces, Your Andy Kneises...very disappointing. And that's coming from me.


    I'm worried that, as the show seems to be adding listeners and forum members, the Classics, or Mount Rushmore of forum members have become alienated with the forum and wish to harken back to a simpler time. A time when you'd snag your shoe lace on a branch and fall and scrape your knee. A time when you'd save up all your pocket money to buy a pack of bubble G and some baseball cards and comics.


    I truly hope the OG crew aren't trying to secretly form their own top secret forum for cool cats and devilish Ds because that would be a shame.


    If that is the case I suggest we all humbly and without reservation resign from the forum and revert to being lurkers, enraptured by the camaraderie and repartee of the founding Mothers and Fathers.


    I think I speak on behalf of everyone (Except maybe SteveH) when I say "We're sorry and we love you all. Especially you. You know who you are. We love you the most. You're damn special. And have you been working out? You're looking great. And sexy."

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  4. Interesting article about Podcast advertising on The Awl:


    For the elite circle of shows with over four hundred thousand listeners—generally the iTunes Top 50—a single ad spot can net over ten thousand dollars.


    So basically Cards Against Humanity are paying 10 Gs for our beloved Bad Boys not to read an ad. I hope the Toilet band dudes had to pay double for being stupid.



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  5. did you have your camara/phone in hand or did you run frantically looking for it in hopes of coming back to record this magical event in time?


    are you too lazy to wash your own dishes?


    A) Oh you know ADC's always gots his phone on him. Especially on the off chance such a momentous and, dare I say it, erotic situation should occur.


    B ) Technically I am too lazy to wash the dishes and cutlery. On the other hand, I very much enjoy washing the pots and pans and accessories. I find it quite cathartic. And now you have a little insight in to what makes a guy like me tick.

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