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    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    It's been a hot minute It's time for... How Did This Get Named? Well this is a pretty straightforward one with a bit of a twist. So the phrase "body of evidence" is idiomatic and does translate into other language with the serviceable body double meaning. So do you call it that language's equivalent phrase and ignore the body reference? Nope. You double down on it. So in Japan Body of Evidence is simply... Body Simple and to the point right? Where is the interesting twist? Well the following year Madonna had another movie come out, Dangerous Game, and you do you want to know what that movie was called in Japan? Why Body II of course! There is no connection between the two movies other than a starring vehicle for Madonna. Just riding that high of popularity. It should also be noted the title "Snake Eyes" which is an alternate name for the movie anyway is the sub-title of the film making it "Body 2: Snake Eyes"
  2. Cam Bert

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Maybe somebody could help clear this crucial plot point up for me. So at the very end of the movie we find out that Jurgen Prochnow and Madonna were working together to kill the old man and take his money. So much so me made false threatening phone calls to be used in the trail to prove his ulterior motives and give further evidence she was innocent. Okay, but why? I mean wouldn't it have been easier for him to just not get involved at all? Yes the guy who died was his patient and Madonna "left" Jurgen for the victim in their story but why didn't he just lie to the police in the first place? Like he could have easily been like "No, I never introduced her to the victim. I'm not sure how they met. Yes we dated briefly but it didn't work out for personal reasons." Why get all tangled up in the trail?
  3. Was your decision making process based on your love of High School Musical "Zac Efron in a musical? Say no more!"?
  4. Cam Bert

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    He even starts off with a line like "Why did you call me? This is a suicide." which sounds like something a homicide detective would say to the regular cops that are just bagging and maintaining a crime scene. I guess the tell is that he's not wearing a police badge, but I'm pretty sure nothing is mentioned about his job ever. Totally, right? I mean while the police and district attorney are similar is the sense of upholding the law they are two separate entities. The need to check and balance each other out that is why the show is called Law AND Order.
  5. The one theater by my is doing a special tribute to "sound" at the end of the month for two weeks and one of the films they are showing is this. I promise if I am taken by this film on streaming I'll go see it in theaters at the end of the month.
  6. Cam Bert

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    I know the nipple clamps were mentioned but that one cop is just staring at them and asks "Hows this thing work?" It's right there in the name. They are nipple clamps, they clamp nipples. They work by opening them and then closing them on the nipple thus clamping the nipple. What part of this is hard to understand or follow? He didn't ask "Why would somebody enjoy these?" or "How do you use these in sex?" which might have deeper more nuanced answers. No. He simple wants to know how something that looks like a clothes pin and called a "nipple clamp" works. No wonder Madonna got off with stellar cops like that.
  7. Cam Bert

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Was anybody really confused seeing Joe Mantegna show up in court as a DA? Am I alone in this? I thought he was a detective up until that point. I mean maybe I need a lawyer in here to correct me but I'm pretty sure most DAs are far to busy to be showing up at crime scenes before there is even a suspect or before all the evidence has been collected. Not to mention following an investigation through every step of the way with the police and even conducting witness interrogation. Here I thought they sat in their office until a suspect had been arrested and evidence gather. At this point the case would be assigned to them and then they'd begin working on. Who am I to argue with this air tight and thoroughly researched script.
  8. He was like his reoccurring rival. A big blue chicken with a Southern accent and elvis like hair.
  9. Here's a deep cut that I'm not even sure holds up anymore. I use to love Duckman in which Tim Curry had a reoccurring role as King Chicken. To this day when I think of Tim Curry as many times as I've seen this movie I still think of "Bwahaha buck buck buck" Fun Tim Curry fact. He was the original Joker is Batman TAS. He was doing Captain Hook for Peter Pan animated Saturday cartoon so he was cast as the Joker on the new upcoming Batman cartoon. He got sick and the part had to be recast. Now to me Mark Hamill will always be my Joker but one can't help but wonder how he would have been with Tim Curry voicing him.
  10. I'm sorry I'm late to party on this. I have actually a long a involved history with this movie and show. I originally wrote a long paragraph about my history of with the show but I'll just boil it down. First time was sixteen seeing a shadowcast performance then watching it on TV a week later. Did a one night guerrilla live production of it as the criminologist for a my friend who took me to the shadowcast the previous year. Never seen a proper production of it live. Own the soundtrack and revisit the movie now every other year or so. I've introduced friends and family to it, but I prefer to watch it alone. So with all that do I like the movie? Yes and no. If you truly want to enjoy the movie do not go see the shadowcast first. There is nothing inherently wrong with it and it can be fun however I found that there was some gatekeeping and inside jokes that are just confusing when you don't know what's coming. I think if you go to one you are there to enjoy that aspect of it and not the movie itself. It is something I think that is more fun if you just like the music or want to have fun with friends. As for the movie itself again I think it is a real mixed bag. I do think the movie is fun but I think the last act kinda falls a bit flat. I think it takes the biggest leap in logic and storytelling and thus looses some momentum. While the songs are good they aren't as fun or catchy as the earlier songs. Then there is the whole issue of themeing. The movie is a send up of old B-movies and that's where the horror and sci-fi themes and campy acting come from. However on top of that they add extra layers of camp and flair that I think that original idea kinda loses some punch. However, I think that's also the secret ingredient that makes the movie work. I have seen Shock Treatment and it's nowhere near as good and I think that's because you loose a lot of that camp and flair and it is a bit too straight. I think also Rocky Horror being written for the stage and rehearsed and fine tuned helped it while Shock Treatment just went right to film. It is also odd to me that Rocky Horror has a lot of more 60 free love ideals despite it being a bit removed form it. Then comes the issue of how literal you want to take the events and actions of the movie. I do think there is a lot of metaphor or meaning may or may not have been fully intended. I mean look at Brad. You have him go from prim and preppy to embarrassed to be in his conservative undergarments to in drag and not caring. You can read that as the path of acceptance of others and their sexuality or you can maybe even read that as Brad himself being liberated of some possible repressed desires or feelings. In that sense some of Frank's actions are in service of serving the larger picture and maybe more palatable? I think it comes down to what was previously discussed about him being a charismatic villain verses an anti-hero. I think he is a villain but his actions move the characters to figure things about about themselves and we are never really asked to forgive him for his actions but rather because Tim Curry's performance and charm you end up kinda liking him and doing it anyway. In the end I find the songs catchy and the whole production fun that I always sit through it all despite issues I might have it.
  11. Maybe it's the just because the actor looks much older but I have a hard time believing that in 6 years Corey Feldman went from the kid in Part IV and start of Part V to this guy. That means him and Horshack are suppose to be like 18 or so? What weird casting.
  12. Sorry, "devotee". Better? I mean in my personal opinion the only post Part 8 movie worth watching is maybe the remake. It's basically a humorless combination of the first three movies. Jason Goes to Hell is a batshit crazy movie and while very dumb I think it lacks the fun (and continuity) of parts 1-8. Jason X, well that's been covered here already, and Freddy vs Jason is more of a Freddy movie which Jason just happens to be in.
  13. Yes you're right. Admittedly I haven't re-watched these movies in years and I just remember the time jump at the start leading to the death of the original final girl. I forget that there was yet another time jump after that. When you put this in the context of 1995 I guess Crystal Lake is one of those small backwoods type towns that's so far removed from the big city and big city life that time just is a little slower there and they don't keep up on trends. Also I'm glad this movie has created some new Friday the 13th fans.
  14. He takes the mask from Shelly (prior he wore a sack over his head) but I believe he was already wearing his workman outfit. Shelly I believe was wearing plaid.
  15. Well in AvP fashion would Jess not team up with the Predator to take down the xenomorphs and then earn their respect? Or does it start that way and then she flips the script on the Predator? Sorry no Billy the Kid gun for you Jess.
  16. As our resident Jessica Fletcher expert, what what eighties movie monster or just any movie monster would be the best pairing with Jessica Fletcher? I know it's not 80s but I think her staying at the Bates Motel would be very fun.
  17. She would definitely sass out the chief for jumping the gun on Tommy as well. We should kickstart the Friday the 13th/Murder She Wrote crossover I really want to see this now.
  18. So if we ignore his Town that Feared Sundown look in Friday the 13th part 2 you can say Jason is a simple man who knows what he likes when it comes to fashion. In pretty much every movie he wears a navy work shirt and some navy or gray docker. It's a simple and practical look. Sure every now and again he has some sort of undershirt or adds a khaki jacket but the look is pretty consistent. Yet for some reason, and this movie and this movie only does he decide to accessorize. First he puts on a pair of gloves and this works. He would go on to keep those gloves for the rest of his appearances. It's practical and makes sense. Touching all those dead bodies and welding weapons is hard on the hands and you have to take care of them. However his other decision of adding a tool belt to jazz up his outfit seems like a questionable idea. I mean it makes sense practically. Just carrying a machete around all day would kill your hand and your grip which you would need later for twisting heads and grabbing people. It would be better to keep it safely affixed around your waist. The downside is it is very hard to take a mass murder seriously when he's wearing a tool belt let alone one that clashes with his colour scheme so much. It's probably best the tool belt didn't stick around.
  19. Further proof of how terrible the gravedigger is at his job, or how drunk he was perhaps, was when he sees that Jason's grave was dug up. First he panics then he notices Horshack's leg sticking out of the coffin and is relieved to find out Jason is still there. Okay, ignoring the obvious fact he should have checked anyway, that's a perfectly normal looking leg and fine clean clothing. Jason was buried like ten years ago. If that really was his corpse, no way his leg or clothes would be in that clean and good of condition. I'm not saying you have the deductive reasoning of a Columbo or Jessica Fletcher, but some common knowledge about your job should be a thing especially when bemoaning that you're a high school graduate who earned your job.
  20. Excellent choice and excellent timing!
  21. So the one boy camper seems to have fallen asleep with a comic book open. Due to the limited appearances by the very visible character of El Aguila it is easy to recognize this comic as Power Man and Iron Fist #99. So what? Well, it is very odd. You see there is nothing about this comic that connects it to Friday the 13th or Jason at all. The issue starts with the titular characters falling off a bridge into water and El Aguila carries a sword which a machete kinda resembles but that's about it for tenuous connections. "So what?" I hear you saying, "It's just a comic book, they just grabbed one and threw it in there." No, that is where you are wrong. See there has to be more of a reasoning behind this comic choice. Power Man and Iron Fist #99 which has a cover date of November 1983 which means it really came out in September 1983. Jason Lives was released in August of 1986 which means they probably were filming early 1986 which would make that comic almost three years old at that point. Was their budget so tight that 65 cents for a current issue would break it so they had to pull something from the quarter bin? Maybe the camp had comics for the kids to read, but why would a newly re-opened camp buy a bunch of back issues? Also when you think about the timeline of the movie it makes less sense because this film doesn't take place in 1986! Part 2 is set two months after the first film, and Parts 3 and 4 follow the day after the previous films. So when Tommy appears as a child in Part 4 that's 1980. In parts 5 and 6 Tommy has now grown up which means this film is suppose to be taking place in 1990! So somehow a kid in a summer camp in 1990 is reading a comic book from 1983? Why? It just doesn't make any sense. Why would that be at the camp? Why would he bring a quarter bin comic to camp if it was his? Why bring or have the second part of a three part story arc? There has to be a secret meaning behind this issue!
  22. They prefer billiards. One said they'd be more interested if it was about darts. Actually one might. I'm slowly getting them into enjoying bad movies.
  23. I now work with one British guy and am very close friends with a few more that live here in Japan. I was explaining this movie to them, none of them had heard of it, but most thought it sounded like a ploy to get a typical pub going musical avoiding type of gentlemen interested in musicals.
  24. Have all those episodes of Bake Off not helped your comprehension?