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  1. I think that brings up the even deeper question, do these bears hibernate? If they don't and there are no Pluto bears to their Goofy bears then that is yet another reason "Hiber Nation Tour" is just incredibly stupid.
  2. So one of the thoughts I had during the movie was on bears and their lifespans and would these bears be dead or not. I was glad they brought it up on the podcast but then I started doing the abstract math. Based on their coats, these are brown bears which have an average life span of 25 years. If we stop there, yes the Country Bears should be dead. However, these are evolved bears so they age differently. When the state troopers are looking at Beary's photo they say "What is he, in the forth grade?" His adopted mother confirms this so that would place Beary at 9 to 10 human years of age. We know from his size he's not fully grown and not matured. Brown bears don't fully mature until around the age of 4. So we can assume based on this that at the age of 9 or 10 Beary is less than 4 in bear years. If we assume that bears reach adulthood roughly the same time bears do that means bears age roughly at four and half times that of humans. This would put the bears in this world with average life spans of 112! Now, if we count adult maturity the age at which we enter puberty that would age them closer to three times that of humans putting their life span closer to 75 to 85 years. At best, bears have about average human spans in this movie universe. Now for the truly terrifying thought. That 25 year life span is based on bears in the wild. In captivity, or you know having a comfortable living, they have been on record as to living up to 40 years meaning these bears could possibly live to be 180 in our years!!
  3. That's great news. Glad to hear your foot is on the mend and you're back!
  4. My memory is that we are all wet from Splash Mountain. I will ask my mother if she can find them. Wait... I just got that now.
  5. So I must admit this movie did make me laugh more than I thought. However, it starts off on one of the worst most illogical puns I have ever seen. The Country Bears are on their "Hiber Nation Tour." Get it? Hibernation is something bears do and it's a cross country tour the word nation is in it. Hiliarious. NO! That's not the joke. They are not on a "Hiber-nation" tour or a "Hiber'Nation'" no they are on a "Hiber (SPACE) Nation" tour. The word is no longer hibernation. It is now two words. That's not even true, it is only one word. Hiber is not a word. It means nothing. Without the quotes or hyphens it makes no goddamn sense. You could just use the proper word hibernation tour and it would make just as much sense because you'd say it same way as you'd say "hiber nation." I cannot abide by this horrible non-pun.
  6. I have to say that the first time I went to Disneyland as a child (I was 6-ish) I loved the Bear Jamboree and went to go everyday we were at the park. Then again bears are my favourite animal so that could be why. My Dad call the Country Bear Jamboree "A good way to get dry from Splash Mountain" I'd like to imagine that MC Gainy slept with bear groupies and has a half bear child.
  7. Cam Bert

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    Aw, man I'm glad I missed all the fun and the return of Triple and Polly! Glad you guys are back. Although I'm glad I can still theoretically be there for Pluto Nash.
  8. Cam Bert

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    I was not able to get out of work so I will not be able to join you guys sadly. Please disregard my opinions on what to watch and have fun having original jokes that nobody says a split second before you.
  9. Breakups are hard that's why we have sad songs We watched
  10. I think part of the problem is with the way some of those moments occur. Certain moments in her story come at similar themed or timed moments in Sita's story as well (Sita gets on the flying chariot and Nina gets on a plane, Sita is kidnapped and separated from Rama and Nina's boyfriend leaves to India for work etc.) which to me sort of invites the implication that her story is mirroring Sita's or looking for connections. If the timing was changed around that these events weren't shown happening back to back I think it would read a bit more of her getting something out of the story. To go to a fictional example, The Never Ending Story. Sebastian is bullied and coping with the death of his mother. He gets the book and reads it and through the story he gains the strength and acceptance. Yet the book he reads doesn't parallel his own story. Now, Nina is a real person so she can't help it if actual things that happened to her mirrored events in a story that she found strength and comfort in. In fact, that's probably the reason for her find strength and comfort. Even if it is just coincidence that similar things happened between her and Sita, when you put those events one after the other there is an implicit "look at the similarities" to it. It is not helped by the fact we don't see until the final image her reading the story, so those parallels are just presented without context appear as just that parallels.
  11. Yes! It would make a bit more sense if they broke up because of rumors of infidelity or something to tie it more to it. It' more like hearing Beowulf and you be like "Cool, hey I went to a forest once. I might have saw a deer. It was cool."
  12. I really hated the Nina Paley parts. Like I was almost ready to give this movie one star as a result. I get that she wrote it (though I’m pretty sure she just interviewed the narrators) and animated it all which is impressive but her story has no real connection to the Ramayana other than breaking up but still loving the guy. Other than that the links are tenuous at best. The voice acting for her ex-boyfriend was awful. The animation style was very 10oz Mouse. The whole thing just seemed like “this event lead me to the Ramayana” but I just wanted to hear the story of the Ramayana. If there was more information in her story to link to the connections it might have been interesting. The fact the songs line up with the story is much more interesting.
  13. The three narrators for me were the highlight of the movie. I could listen to them just tell me India folklore and myths forever.
  14. Two things, one, for me easily the best moment of the movie was Lou's silent "wows" and his face as they are hurtling through space. Second, to expand about the iguana costume I think a lot of these costumes got classed up from the adult version ones they made. I'm pretty sure Cassiopeia was just clam shells and a thong and the shredded rags were added in after. Also if you notice Daedalus's sexy iguana costume had larger covers for the private bits over a body suit. Something tells me that body suit wasn't always there.
  15. In Greek Soldier #4's defense the river would have taken care of baby Hercules if not for Zeus's puppet handed intervention. He might have known that the river leads to a giant waterfall and thought to himself "Do I really want my best archer to have to live with the guilt of murdering a baby?" Imagine the next time they are ransacking a city and the archer pulls back to take aim at the opposing General only to hear a baby crying from a burning building nearby. Suddenly his conscience kicks in and he feels a pang of guilt for murdering an innocent baby all those years prior. That split second of hesitation and doubt is the entire turning point of that battle. Greek Soldier #4 knew that could a possibility and decided to let nature take care of that baby.
  16. Hera's sword was forged from a fallen star. Stars are in space, it contains the Phoenix... did Chris Claremont rip off Hercules?
  17. Names not ringing a bell but the art style is. I really like the looks of this.
  18. Sorry to post so much in a row but now that I'm thinking about it, what was even the purpose of the sword? King Minos says it's the source of his power and yet he wields a flaming sword. Then when Hercules goes to grab it he says "no you'll awaken the phoenix! The volcano will erupt!" Yet the sword is in a golden rock on a platform Daedalus or somebody made. It's not something that's been there this entire time. It was made and put there. Is the gold rock the heart of the phoenix? Did 20 years prior Sybil Danning give King Minos the sword and he slew the Phoenix with it? Why is it on a platform near the pit if you can't take the sword out and it's purely ornamental? So many questions.
  19. Okay home from work now and just rewatched the scene. A regular guard comes and says "the sacred sword has been stolen from the temple of Hera." The captain kills him and then Sybil Danning comes and says "let the soldiers think it was the king that violated the temple." So, first, why would he kill the guard that told him the sword was stolen? Isn't that what Sybil Danning later wants as part of their plan. Second, why would the soldiers think it was the king anyway. When is a king sneaking into a temple to steal a sword. I still think the plan is rather half assed.
  20. That's what I thought but (let's face time is impossible to tell) he gets the sword and immediately goes to kill the king. There is no time for the people to realize the sword is missing or anything. He goes into full revolt based on his word and that alone. Something tells me this city may not have gotten the wisdom of Zeus or Athena.
  21. I know this is not the kind of movie in which we should really be thinking too much about the plot, but what was the captain of the guard's plan at the start of the movie? He hires a thief to break in to steal the sword in the stone and then states that he's going to use that to frame the king for stealing it then he is going to go murder the king in his sleep right after that. Where to start. First, how is this setting up the king? Is he going to start telling people that the king stole the sword and he was forced to kill him in his sleep as a result? Was the thief commonly known to be a servant of the king? If the sword didn't belong to the king, why would him stealing it be a problem? Also, if he wanted it why would he hire a thief to steal it when he has a whole army? If the king did own the sword why would he steal his own property and why would that be a big deal? If all the captain of the guard wanted was to kill the king and start a coup why get the sword first? Why not take over then you just own the sword? They seemed to take over the city pretty easy, and he wouldn't have the need to hire a the thief. I'm starting to think this was all a very last minute plan that he was making up on the fly.
  22. Cam Bert

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    I might have work that day, I will do my best to weasel out of it if I do. I'm kinda fine skipping Birdemic too. I've seen it a lot and haven't seen Trespass or Pluto Nash. Personally I think Pluto might the more fun group watch.
  23. Considering this is a "Christian" movie that claims "Christian" beliefs, key among them being forgiveness, yes it was harsh what they did with her. Maybe this is aligning with those "Christians" that believe socialism is evil and wrong because helping the poor and unfortunate is not what their tax money should used for.