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    Episode BO2014.4 — Best of 2014 Pt 4

    I couldn't agree more with number one. Not only was it incredibly funny but it is just a testament to what a brilliant and gifted improvisor Andy Daly is. Probably laughed aloud the most at The Exorcism of Cake Boss cake boss but in every way number one deserved to be number one. Between his CBB appearances, Review, and his own podcast, 2014 was the year of Andy Daly. Also happy to see that 8 of my voted on episodes made the top 15 (although half were in the 11 to 15) but it was hard to choose as CBB had a stellar year. Great job to everybody involved and thank you for helping me start my weeks right all these years.
  2. Cam Bert

    Episode 100 — Junior

    This is my memory of this movie. I was like 11 year old and to me Schwarzenegger was the funny guy from such films as Twins, Kindergarten Cop and Last Action Hero. I saw the trailer and thought Junior looked funny. How could it not? I asked my parents to take me to see it. They said no so I waited for it to get to the video store. I remember running to new release "J" every time we went to check if it was in. Then it finally came in. I begged and pleaded for my parents to rent it. Finally I pulled out my trump card, "Mom, remember how funny Dad thought Twins was? It's the same guys!" Hook, line and sinker she rented it. Got home, waited for dinner and then finally it was movie time. After about 15 minutes of being bored and confused I get up and go to my room to read. Cut to twenty years later I hear the mini-sode that Junior is next. I track down the movie and start to watch it. Suddenly awash in the sadness of a crestfallen 11 year old, and turn it off and decide just listening to the episode will be enough.
  3. Cam Bert

    Episode BO2014.2 — Best of 2014 Pt 2

    Wow! So many great episodes out too early! I know that PFT much like in years past may have rallied his fans to vote for Time Bobby as number one, but maybe it's just me but for me The Exorcism of Cake Boss "cake boss" is the PFT episode to beat. C+! Predictions! Top Three: "Oh Golly! You Devil", "Time Bobby 3" and "The Exorcism of Cake Boss" "cake boss"
  4. Cam Bert

    How did you start listening to Nerd Poker?

    I found it through him promoting it or some one on Earwolf mentioning it. I played D&D in school when I was younger and was always a fan of Brian from the Mr. Show days. So to me it was two great things coming together. I knew Blaine from Beat the Geeks back in the day but didn't know the rest. I became a fan of the friends and it rekindled my love of D&D.
  5. Cam Bert

    Lack of direction

    I was tempted to start a new thread to ask my question, but as a lot of how I'm feeling is already in this thread I might as well join in. I have a long trip ahead of me soon and I thought "Why not get caught up with Nerd Poker." I stopped listening around episode 91 or 92, because the show just became unbareable to listen to for me. While everyone seems quick to go into "Blaine is a good/bad DM" or "We need Gerry/Sark" arguments, my issue has nothing to do with that. Well, maybe a little. To me,with the smaller group and Blaine being in charge, it has just become a different show. The last episode I listened to was about 20 minutes in and they had not started playing or even talking about the game. It was just Blaine going crazy with references and jokes with Ken and Brian joining in and Sarah just repeating "Too old, I don't get it." To me that is what the problem is with the show now. Blaine has always loved to throw in his pop culture references and what not, but when he was a character it was limited to when he had something to do. Even then, when they'd all get into it Sarah and Sark some how seemed to refocus the show back onto the game and move on. Now Sarah is alone and as a result nothing ever happens. Blaine just makes his jokes with abandon, and Brian and Ken join in. Then someone will remember they are suppose to be playing, so into the game they'll go. Then an anachronistic reference will be made and we're back down to reference theater. Blaine was a good player, and I do feel is a good DM but the free wheeling nature of his direction of the show got too much for me. While I appricaite the hard work they put in and the hours of free entertainment they gave me, but the current direction and style is not for me. My two cents out of the way, I needed something to listen to for my trip and I noticed that Steve Agee and Dan Telfer are pretty much regulars on the show now. I assume filling in for Gerry's character of Winter and Sarah's when she can not be there. This gave me some hope as with new people there group dynamics tend to change. So the question I had and wanted to ask at the start is does their presence change the unwilledy nature of the show? Is there more of a balance now or is it still going to be like where I stopped with half the time spend making references and not actually talking or playing the game? TL;DR: With Dan and Steve there is it worth getting back into the show?
  6. Just rewatched it with some friends and noticed something about the book that Tara Reid's character wrote. In the airplace scene it's a small paperbacky book similar to the one Paul has in the picture. However, as we've discovered that was really a toshiba manual. Then later when Kelly is talking about Tara Reid's character and her book the one she holds up is like a giant hardcover!
  7. Also, Paul needs to get Jason and Hot Saucerman to put a phone call into their friend Hot Dog to shine a light on the surfing angle of these movies.
  8. CORRECTIONS AND OMISSIONS 1. Okay, so if we follow the crazy time line of this film they take an incredibly early flight to appear on "Live! Kelly and Michael" which airs live starting at 9AM to 10AM. We also see talk of the weather and the accident on the Today show which runs from 7AM to 10PM. On one of the weather updates we see in the films the times on it start at 10AM and go up hourly to 2PM I believe. So we can assume this movie is taking place between 9AM and 10AM. That fact all this takes place in such a short period of time is crazy but what is crazier is what professional baseball game ever starts at 9AM? 2. The whole Bales Tower scene. The building gets flooded up to the third floor and yet when they leave out the fire escape there is no water anywhere around the building. In addition flaming sharks are falling from the sky and somehow manage to get to the stairwell and travel down multiple flights of stairs after them. Also, what was with their bait and switch plan? When he went to get the axe the shark wasn't even there and Mark McGrath calls the shark over thus putting him and Ian Zierings lives in danger needlessly.
  9. Cam Bert

    Episode 300 — Oh, Golly! You Devil

    I download the episode, listen to it, and laugh hysterically. I come on the site to check out the pictures, see the episode title, and I laugh even harder.
  10. Cam Bert

    Episode 289 — The Exorcism of Cake Boss

    I live in Japan which is a country not big on public displays of any emotion and not really familiar with what a podcast is. That didn't stop me from clearing a train car with my uncontrollable laughter at this episode. I assume everybody did, but if not you must listen to the "Travel Bug" episode of The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, for more Gourley and PFT goodness. Please more Matt Gourley on CBB! Maybe Cake Boss (cake boss) could channel Ian Flemming next time... Also out of curiosity does anybody know if PFT is still a Marvel zombie? I wonder what his thinks about Uatu being killed in Original Sin.
  11. Cam Bert

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    When I was a kid I always assumed that the candy bar names reflected more of the character. Like how there are more than one Kit Kat in a pack, that's why Kit Kat copies people. Butterfinger is obviously clumsy. Snickers because he's always smiling/snickering. I never could figure out the Almond Joy connection though, but then again I prefer Mounds.
  12. Cam Bert

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    Yes! I thought of this as soon as the Batman news broke. However, if anybody in charge reads these comments I want to make one thing clear, make sure Paul, June, Jason and guest watch the theatrical release and not the directors cut. Overall all, it's not that bad and it doesn't make me wonder "how did this get made?" The directors cut, while still suffers from of same problems it actually tries to make a Daredevil movie and not a super hero romcom... romaction... whatever that the theatrical release ended up being. It actually has plot lines with Matt Murdock being a lawyer and being a catholic two big hallmarks of the comic series. Actually, this would be a good candidate for an episode with a sit down with the creators. You guys should try really hard to get writer director Marc Steven Johnson on. If you watch the directors cut he clearly knew about the character and had passion for him, but the studio must have forced a lot upon him. I think he might have interesting stories to tell about what could have been. Also, keep him around and do Ghost Rider as well!
  13. Cam Bert

    Generation Gaps

    I love Cracked and was surprised when I saw they had a podcast. I immediately rushed to iTunes to subscribe before I even listened to it. It was a great first episode overall. Clearly they have put a lot of thought into it, because it seemed to go relatively smooth. The preplanned bits worked well, and I thought the overall theme of the show was clearly seen throughout the different segments. I also thought the footnotes section at the end in which the music and inspiration for the topics was credited was a smart idea. I loved that we got to hear from Dan and Seanbaby as well. I hope in future episodes other writers will drop by. All that said I have two critiques or complaints about the show. 1. I am glad to see I'm not alone on the whole music issue. First I should say this is probably because hip hop and rap and not really my thing. While I get the bump/transitional effect they are suppose to provide, I often found them to be overly aggressive coming on really loud or not really flowing naturally. Instead of the desired glide into the next bit effect, it was more like a slap and being told were moving on. Hopefully they'll sort out the levels and every time provide a wide variety of types of music. 2. This is more of a comment than a critique. I really don't see the Flynn effect in movie trailers and music like they were claiming. Movie trailers now tend to give out key scenes and reveals for the sake of getting people in the seats. Also I don't get how Kanye West's newest album is more complex than some works of classical music or the work of Charles Mingus. Both these comments were just kinda thrown out there without any real support of discussion. With the movie trailers you could argue that people are so exposed now to certain tropes we get them instead of having to be sold them or something along of those lines and the whole Kayne thing seems to be more of an example of a talented person than the whole genre his in being smarter than what has come before. These things should have had some supported examples rather than just saying "it's the Flynn effect because they are more complex now." Those two things aside, I eagerly await the next episode. Keep up the good work.
  14. Cam Bert

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Okay, I watched this because well... it's the kind of thing one must see. While there are many things that are strange or note worthy I was oddly transfixed by the image of the flooded street in front of a Family Mart. See, I live in Japan and Family is like one of the largest convenience stores in the country. In fact there are three within a two minute walk from my apartment. Then on the podcast it is brought up, and I couldn't tell if they had no idea what Family Mart was or not. Are there Family Mart convenience stores in America? If there are, is there just like one or two which makes it an iconic location or something? Or was this some sort of nod to Japanese funding? Maybe somebody here can let me know. Also, earlier EricTheInch had talked about the opening scene. What I find extremely bizarre about it is the fact that it does seem to be some sort of environmental message, but the whole movie kinda undermines it. Yes, the fishing of sharks just for their fins is a huge problem. However, the rest of the movie just has sharks killing and eating everybody they see which really goes to enforce the negative image of sharks and non-stop murder machines. Maybe it's just me but I found the juxtaposition of these two things funny.
  15. I feel sadden to admit this but that I even know this. Despite what Jason said, and what the average viewers my think and feel, this movie was not filmed in Europe. Nope, they went to Hollywood North to make this and what saddens me more, it was all around my hometown. Most of the movie was filmed in Maple Ridge, Sooke, and Chilliwack, British Columbia. They are all cities around Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. This could also be why this is a 60 millions dollar movie and not a 40 million dollar movie.
  16. Cam Bert

    In The Name of the King: Corrections

    I can't say for sure that it was 100% Canada for sure, no. However, I think Uwe Boll's track record speaks to it though. I know for fact that Postal, Alone in Dark, and House of the Dead were all shot in and around Vancouver as well. True there may have been other none B.C locations used, but it seems to be where he does a lot of his shooting. Also, I know that Boll has some shady tax schemes when it comes to his movies. Basically German investors being able write off the entire thing on their taxes. An article about it can be found here: http://www.cinemablend.com/features/Uwe-Boll-Money-For-Nothing-209.html