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    All kinds of video games, movies, music, books, the stuff that people are into. More importantly lots of nerdy stuff like table top RPGs, graphic novels and such.
  1. shannoncancello

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    Initial response: Although I am sad this story is at an end, I'm glad there was an end at all. The campaigns I have been with have never had a proper ending for whatever reason, so I'm glad this one did. My only concern like many others is, where is Stargoyle?! I'm super sad Sark wont be DMing anymore I really loved his flexability in dealing with his party and his story line. Hopefully he will come back and a play a little though. Really looking forward to guest appearances and more crazy adventures!
  2. shannoncancello

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    What a great session. I can't even be sad, Sir Richard went out the way he wanted. He was truely happy in the end. Although I would have definitely been calling out for Stargoyle, poor little guy I think I feel worse for him. Also kuddos to Mildred on the water I immediately thought of that when Sark said one action. One hit point can totally make a difference. So very excited for the next epsiode!
  3. shannoncancello

    Episode 64 — LED Hula Hoops

    Did any of them heal up from the last explosion in the tunnel?
  4. shannoncancello

    Episode 56 — After Party Brawl

    I am disappoint, just in Damien, the rest was great. How could someone, even partially evil, not want a giant snake as an ally? The possibilities!!! imagine traveling on that thing! Yeah killing it would make all the dwarfs cheer and think you were awesome sauce, but imagine the terror/respect they would have for someone who tamed the "beast". Insanity....