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  1. No nape is safe from the neck romancer!
  2. My main problem with Case Closed (and the whole states thing) is it just feels like forced "drumming up controversy". The argumentative tone kills its debate value, and the lopsided format neuters its value as conflict entertainment. All it seems to be trying to accomplish is to rile people up. I'm fairly neutral on the music episodes, although I like the general idea of adding variety to the show. I just think that the variety should come in a form more directly related to improv.
  3. Toogs

    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    Bizarrely, this is not true. Unless, of course, Frank Stallone was uncredited in Skyfall:
  4. In life I have known no greater sorrow, than eating alone at an airport Sbarro.
  5. Loved my home visit from Sinbad, though I admit the constant slavery jokes made me a bit uncomfortable. All-in-all, Pro Version: worth it!
  6. Hey Sinbad, You were in the superhero movie "Meteor Man" with Robert Townsend. Why aren't there more superhero roles for guys named Robert?
  7. Spider-man has spider-sense, does Frankenstein have frankincense?
  8. I made a fortune selling trendy shoes to the spiders in my house, but now the sound of their footsteps keep me up at night.
  9. Mere man-made microphones cannot convey my dulcet tones, so should you sense a middling melody, malign not me for fair fidelity.