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  1. MattBacke

    Episode 145.5 — Sklarbro County 50

    i was listening to this driving home from new york today and almost had to pull over when gary busey was talking. too funny.
  2. MattBacke

    Episode 24 — For Glinishmore and Bahamut!

    this podcast never ceases to make me gasp. when sarah rolled a 99 % botch i stopped what i was doing and intently listened with genuine dread in my heart. when it seemed as if gerry would loose another character i was saddened and feared another 6-8 weeks without him in the dynamic. when blaine proposed the idea of "brown julius", i wept openly. and today i sat with my mouth agape at the idea of a male barbarian warrior and a female dwarvin warrior engaging in what i can only assume to be passionless, sweaty and awkward grinding of their genitalia as they drew their final breaths hoping to leave this mortal coil in mutual orgasm with little fear. thank you nerd poker. thank you.
  3. MattBacke

    Professor Blastoff Tour

    i agree wholeheartedly with mr yates. i was there last night too and had a tremendous amount of fun. the pulit surprise winning guest did sound like the wagonini guy and more so when he was self conscious about it. the live show captured all the great elements of the podcast but added the energy of the crowd who all seemed to love the hatchmates. these people have amazing chemistry and it evident when they are all on stage together. if i had more time/money i would have gone to more shows. i was on the other other side of the room and i am a pussy so i didnt go up to ask this question, which has been on my mind for several months now, so i will ask it here. is it fair to pretend aaron is a doctor? i think i speak for all of us who have been pretending to bust our butts in pretend medical school for the last 8 years and still haven't gotten our pretend M.D. what the hell am i supposed to tell my pretend wife who's been pretending to support us while i get my pretend degree? me and my pretend marriage thank you.
  4. MattBacke

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    not so unmemebable now, are we Mr. Scheer? and on the topic of the next film you guys are doing, looks like i'll be eating more shit right along with you. but can we get some sauce for it? i think they had sauce in 'nam. not 100% sure about that, but who uses fractions, anyways?
  5. MattBacke

    Episode 96 — Character

    top ten punky's on the board...name that punky!
  6. this movie was the worst pile of crap i've ever sat through. it took three times to watch it to completion. so i've seen the first half three times and i still dont know what the fuck is supposed to be going on. who green lit this crap?