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  1. Marmaducca

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    This movie holds a special place in heart. I also think this movie was one of my gay roots because i was obssessed with Skeletor from the movie as a kid. While I loved watching the cartoon I would always go back to the film because I was just drawn to how Frank Langella played him. His performance was utterly captivating and i would rewatch all of scenes over and over and over. For some reason as a little kid I was enthralled by his scenes with He-man captured. I also had numerous nightmares from Evil-lyn and thinking my parents would disappear on me like how Evil-lyn pretended to be Courtney Cox's mother. I hope more performances in films would be like Skeletor or Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon.
  2. Marmaducca

    Episode 100.5 — Minisode 100.5

    whenever i think of xanadu i think of this music video of Lifelike "So Electric"
  3. i want put my votes behind Episode 106: "Rainbow Party with Eric" (37:48 - 43-47) Episode 107: "Slime Boy" (27:36-37:33)
  4. Marmaducca

    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    i found this article that goes in more in-depth as to why street fighter failed. http://www.polygon.com/features/2014/3/10/5451014/street-fighter-the-movie-what-went-wrong everything from rushed schedules, dying raul julia, and Jean Claude-Van Damme penchant for cocaine and having sex with Kylie Minogue. thought you guys would enjoy it.
  5. i was wondering what everyone thought would be some neat ideas for merchandise for the podcast? i would love a Chip Gardner hail satan shirt.
  6. ah ok. yeah the condition just sounded a lot like what my dad has had for a while. i sent you a PM too . i hope your health gets better.
  7. Eric's condition with his throat cells being replaced with stomach cells is called barrett's esophagus. my dad has the same condition which stems from the throat being so burned from stomach acid, usually by heartburn, that it creates stomach cells to cope. it needs to be managed before it becomes a worse problem. i don't mean to give eric more worry but it seems to be managed with heart burn medication. that being said the scenes about matt on the train with the girls reactions was great. it was a great episode all around. so happy to habe bob ducca coming back.
  8. Marmaducca

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    Bob's song had me laughing for a very long time. can someone make a mp3 of his song?
  9. Marmaducca

    Episode 72 — Toys

    this was one of the videos i rented the most as a kid. i think it was the art direction i was inspired by and it started my love of Joan Cusack. however, watching this movie now a few things caught my eye that must have went over my head when i was litte. Gambon's character was almosted fragged in Vietnam? that is a bit dark and i did not even think he would be sorta trapped in that make shift field hospital. i just thought he was recuperating there not trapped. I also completly forgot that he sent his wife to masquerade as another Jane Fonda which led her to be killed by the North Vietnamese. WTF? Robin William's sexual stuff - chiefly the puppet and his whole relationship with Robin was unsettling. i am pretty sure i just blocked the sex out of my mind as a kid. the happy worker song just reminded me of soviet propaganda. this move is just dark but it did deserve the oscar nomiations in art.
  10. i also would like to put down one of my favorite scenes was the sausage focus group.
  11. Marmaducca

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    Hi Matt, I just wanted to say thank you as a gay guy for your support of the gay community and trying to call the people who say those things on twiitte and other comments anonymously. I had a few questions for you - in the previous podcast you talked about how had gay friends in high school that came out in college because they were too scared (if i got that fact i apologize). Do you still keep in touch with them to see if their lives got better? How bad was it for your friends in Arkansas in the 1980s? As for calling out the rednecks while they said reminded me of the time when I went to my first WWE wrestling show while i was in undergrad in college (early 2000s) in NC. After a group of wrestlers came out dressed as male cheerleaders a few rows behind me these drunk guys started screaming "Kill the faggot", "Beat the faggot", etc it then got picked up half of the stadium. it made me extremly uncomfortable (reawakening my own past bad experiences) and i started seeing red. I started yelling at them and my friends had to physically restrain get me out of the stadium before I got beaten up as i dont think a Woody Allenesque man would have lasted long amongst the fans there. The fact that Jason Collins is coming out and hopefully will help shape younger people's minds is great. I didnt have many out hereos - i think the only big person I remember being out was Ellen. Keep up the good fight.
  12. Marmaducca

    Guest suggestions

    what about jim rash, the dean from community? his background is in improv is from the groundlings, where he studied and now teaches. i think he would have some interesting stories and would do well on the podcast.
  13. thank you engineer brett and colin for helping me out with matt's song. i very much appreciate it. sorry for the late reply.
  14. i thought it was a great episode. i think Matt should keep on experimenting with his show. i also really liked his cover of Aimee Mann I would like to get an mp3 of his cover. Does anyone know how to do that? i listened to it numerous time throughout work yesterday.