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    At least on the website version they seem to be streaming the Earwolf shows I tested at 112 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channel MP3, which is identical to what Brett-man and the other Engineer Codies have been putting out for a while. I did a test of WTF and it's at 40 Kbps, 22.05 KHz, 1 channel, identical to what WTF puts out (in fact I compared the original on WTF's libsyn page to the one I streamed, and the files are identical), so looks like they're not doing anything to the files other than streaming them.
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    Nice thanks, didn't know Apple was making gains in overall % lately, last I read was this I think, although this 79% seems really high for just a few months ago, not sure how they arrived at that number: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dougolenick/2015/05/27/apple-ios-and-google-android-smartphone-market-share-flattening-idc/ If they're taking that usage info from a survey and those are the results, it makes sense for them to focus on iOS, maybe Android users are just less likely to take that survey for whatever reason? Or listen to less podcasts?
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    Gripes/wishes: Android, as mentioned above. All of my podcasts already sit comfortably in one app that I really like, although I'll certainly give Howl's app a shot (I already signed up for a Howl subscription). If we can either get password-protected RSS feeds for use in our non-Howl app, or the ability to import non-Howl RSS feeds into Howl, that would be ideal. Providing the Best Of's of CBB for example as a way to invite new listeners is great, but perhaps also a rotating selection of other old episodes might be good? The Best Of's have a different feel to them that doesn't quite reflect what the show is, I think? Other people have mentioned it, but I actively listen to and look forward to ads on HH and CBB, so maybe provide both ad supported and ad-free editions in the Howl app or something? I get that I could use the free versions to hear the ads on recent eps, but for like older HH and CBB that wouldn't work with this new system. Resurrection of Video Podcast Network-type videos every once-in-a-whaaal. (This might already be in the app, no idea), some sort of way to integrate with the fan wikis, or cross reference guests and characters in the app would be really really cool.
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    Yeah, it seems sort of nuts to have an iOS, but not an Android app ready before launch these days, and I have a feeling it's due to what you said about the entertainment industry just being so Apple-centric, as well as having metrics available through iTunes, whereas Android user participation can largely go untracked through direct downloads and other "techie" type ways to get the shows onto your device. I don't know the real world usage, but market share is like 75% Android or something now California bros, get with the times! Anyway, excited about Howl, thanks Scott!
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    You're right! Checked out his other stuff and he appears to be a comedian. Damnit...
  6. Carnal Sanders

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Guy is very angry about people hating fedoras. It's not funny guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfOuJ93sIog
  7. It's what the Greeks called "agápē" and the Italians call "hospitaliano."