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    I'm curious why you'd find either of those endings 'emasculating'.

    Pretty simple, the female leads humiliate and abuse the male leads for a good portion of the films, and after the women are done having their fun with anther man, the male leads take them back without a second thought.

  2. The ending drove me nuts. I don't remember him being that much more responsible for gambling away their money than she was, or for taking Redford's offer, so having him take her back at the end after all that punishment was insane. The movie presenting that as a happy and satisfying conclusion made me laugh out loud. I couldn't believe it when I watched another movie

    The Invention of Lying

    soon after and it had a very similar emasculating ending!

  3. Eh, not really though. I remember checking it out, and it was mostly footage from THIS movie cut with 70's crime flicks and put together in such a way as to look pretty exciting. I know Carnahan's directed good stuff, and I would have been curious to see what kind of pre-production materials may have been out there, but this reel contains no new footage or anything and was really just an exercise in editing. It was just done a bit better than the usual mash-ups that pop up on YouTube.


    I re-watched it for the first time in a while and still think it successfully captures the feel of a gritty, 70's set Daredevil movie. I wouldn't say it was mostly footage of this film at all, but uses shots of it simply to include footage of someone dressed as Daredevil among the more important clips. Calling it an exercise in editing really isn't a criticism of a sizzle reel, but more of a description of the practice, as the point of one of these reels is to quickly and easily assemble a collection of footage that represents the general idea and aesthetic of a potential project. Here you can see one for Looper that was made in much the same way http://nofilmschool....eel-for-looper/

  4. Hopefully a second Daredevil movie gets made at some point. He's a really interesting character with a lot of potential for interesting stories. I'm not really into comics, but wasn't there a story arc where the Kingpin basically completely ruined Matt Murdock's life and drives him insane, he loses his job and becomes homeless, etc etc?


    Joe Carnahan made a "sizzle reel" for a proposed Daredevil project that I assume won't come to fruition at this point, but really had the perfect aesthetic for a Daredevil movie based on a darker storyline like that. Worth a watch at least to see what could have been.

  5. It's been years since I've seen Daredevil without Rifftrax audio, so this should be interesting. This movie gets so broad and simplistic it's downright Schumacher-esque at times despite being made years after Batman and Robin made that a cardinal sin for comic book films. For me, Ben Affleck needs a top notch script to make him likeable in a lead role, so I don't hold out much hope for Superman vs. Batman, but you never know.

  6. This may be a very wrong thought, but did anyone else believe for the first half of the movie that Sandra Bullock's character was going to wind up being Stallone's daughter? Because I did, and let me tell you, it only made the Sex Scene that more disturbing.

    It wouldn't be a weird thing to suspect. Especially with her love of action and violence it could seem like that's what they were setting up. It might have given the film more of an emotional center than going with the typical romance thing and abandoning the daughter storyline altogether.

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  7. This was hilarious, thanks for keeping me entertained while at work.


    One thing to note though, I do think that Jayden had a bit of an accent in Karate kid but much less pronounced. My theory is that they have hired a British nanny who babies him while Will is away working on real movies. That's why Will doesn't have the accent and Jayden's is even more pronounced when he's crying.

    Damn, good thinking. I never would have thought of that.