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  1. The sklars are embarrassingly unfunny. My face until Horatio showed up: :| Reference comedy? check References nobody under 40 gets? check Talking over each other while stupidly cracking up? check Wish the sklars would get out of "comedy," it's the emperor's new clothes when Scott and others act like they are funny. Some reviews of their dogshit Netflix "special": The sklar brothers are an embarrassment to the flagship of modern comedy, wake the fuck up Scott.
  2. Jessica St. Clair RTed this about 6 months ago from artist Gregg Schigiel (@StuffSaidShow). Thankfully it doesn't show her nipple pubes.
  3. weas

    Episode 82.5 — Minisode 82.5

    I don't get the urgency to get a HDTGM for a movie that just came out in the theaters, unless it's something epic like the Fast and Furious franchise. I am not paying to see this piece of crap in the theaters...can't you wait until it comes out on DVD/streaming/VOD?
  4. weas

    Celtic Pride (with Bill Simmons

    Yeah, the only way they would do it is if Judd Apatow was a guest.
  5. weas

    Celtic Pride (with Bill Simmons

    Just watched this with my girlfriend and it is complete insanity. It would make a amazing HDTGM but they will never do it because:
  6. weas

    Volume control on the new flash player?

    I miss the volume control too.