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    Silver Linings Playbook

    I suggested this movie because it had a convoluted story, it was full of WTF moments, plot twists that didn't make sense, one dimensional characters and a ton of ham-fisted dialogue. I didn't suggest this movie because I disliked it (I don't think I ever mentioned my opinion on it beyond BONKERS). I made the suggestion because as I was watching it I could almost hear the HDTGM crew laughing and tearing it apart - It was that obviously flawed and ripe for comedy. With all of the big names, hype and awards I can understand why some of you would find it hard to believe if you haven't seen the movie, but the way this film unravels under even a slightly critical perspective has got the potential to be a comedy gold mine. That said, I completely understand why the crew would want to avoid poking fun at such a well received and revered movie. After all, this is just my suggestion.
  2. I can't believe how terrible the script, editing and acting choices were for this movie, especially for all the hype and awards it won. There wasn't a single scene in the entire movie that I didn't think "THIS IS BONKERS."
  3. staytrue

    Silver Linings Playbook

    Wow. I'm not interested in bickering or going through the movie scene by scene (Was really hoping Scheer & co. would handle that), but I'm genuinely surprised to see so many people circling the wagons around such an objectively crummy movie. I was hoping to hear at least one other dissenting opinion on this darling of a hit, but so it goes I guess.