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  1. Yea this movie is certified bonkers. Like how 1/4th into the movie some old dude is like "What if...it's the plants trying to kill us?" and then...it is! Literally a pre-emptive anti-twist, good job M. Night.
  2. BoreHaze

    Spring Breakers

    Oh, also this movie has the ATL twins, who just play themselves (who you might think are caricatures of wigger drug dealers, but no, I'm pretty sure that's really how they are, look em up). And lots of hi-def slow-mo boobs on a very democratic range of body types. And lots of muscular dudes on a less democratic range of body times. Oh! and Gucci Mane conducts literally the slowest drive-by shooting in history, in a really fast car no less. You guys should really cover this flick. Or not! I'll keep listening <3 borehazey
  3. BoreHaze

    Spring Breakers

    Wanting to write about this movie moved me enough to get over the lurker-inertia and make an earwolf forum account after many months of being a listener. I verily agree with Gozu's characterization, but also sillstaw's comment about Korine trying to bore you is rather incisive (and I don't think you've seen it, right?). I would go so far as to say this movie is boring as shit. Hella repetitive too. But still, somehow, kind of worth seeing? Another aspect of this flick that is categorically, ahem, bonkers, is the part where Selina Gomez's character Faith has a panic attack immediately upon being brought to a place with black people (who are conspicuously entirely absent up to this point in the movie). She literally says at one point "I don't know these people". lol. But yea, James Franco is great. And I say that begrudgingly, as I've started to kinda hate him after wasting my time seeing his utter bullshit "art installations" at the MoMA. Oh, and Howl was awful too. And the fact that he got some professor fired for some bullshit. I guess this part lets him rock out his inner scumbag, which he's probably been trying (and mostly failing) to hide as he's become more famous.