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  1. NameThatPunky

    Episode 167 — Personality

    kelindadouglass is totally a J right guys? Oh my god stop being such a J right now.
  2. NameThatPunky

    Episode 191 — California Raisin

    "This is a great song because... I don't like it at all"
  3. NameThatPunky

    Episode 165 — World Travel

    To me it sounded like he was saying "wink wink going to Cuba is illegal," meaning he'd been there but on the record he had not.
  4. NameThatPunky

    Episode 190 — Slap Dat Cheese

    Boy this was short. Felt like they were rushing along. Like Lennon a lot and hope she comes back for more.
  5. NameThatPunky

    Episode 190 — Slap Dat Cheese

    "I'm really happy that you haven't said anything about any of those songs that are largely about people's asses." - Lennon Parham
  6. NameThatPunky

    Episode 165 — World Travel

    Big ups to Kyle's Slave I shirt.
  7. NameThatPunky

    Episode 189 — Wide Fondly Brush

    Greatness all all around.
  8. NameThatPunky

    Episode 188.5 — 7/11/14 TWO CHARTED 127

    That Judy Blume-ish woman who wrote those witch books.
  9. NameThatPunky

    Episode 163 — Planning

    Oh please, without Kyle this podcast is next to nothing.
  10. NameThatPunky

    Episode 188 — Summah Donkey

    I knew it was a Ramhand ep within 2 seconds.
  11. NameThatPunky

    Episode 163 — Planning

    It sounded like David was legitimately mad at it, but in the kind of way that he didn't want to sound like he was mad at it. It just made it funnier.
  12. NameThatPunky

    Episode 161 — Cults

    Definitely disagree with this. She played along with everything. She armwreslted Aaron with no hesitation.
  13. NameThatPunky

    Episode 161 — Cults

    Too, too true.
  14. NameThatPunky

    Episode 161 — Cults

    How many mysterious old episodes are left? They seem to pop up from time to time.
  15. NameThatPunky

    Episode 185 — Letting Go of Macklemore

    You need to watch Mr. Show.
  16. NameThatPunky

    Episode 160 — The Moon

    Such a fun, ridiculous episode. This is what PBlast should always be.
  17. NameThatPunky

    Episode 184.5 — 6/13/14 TWO CHARTED 123

    Do people not remember the Ku Movie theme from the bizarro ep?
  18. NameThatPunky

    Episode 184 — Theatrical Viagra

    24/7 was the help that they gave me. Little known Snoop song.
  19. NameThatPunky

    Episode 184 — Theatrical Viagra

    Wie confusing the real Garfunkle with Garfunkle and Oates was so great.
  20. NameThatPunky

    Episode 184 — Theatrical Viagra

    Oh man this guy is coming fast and loud. Don't know if I can handle this energy.
  21. NameThatPunky

    Episode 183.5 — 6/6/14 TWO CHARTED 122

    Oh man I expected to see more about the Chartist Greeting song. That was so damn great. GREETings Chahtist Greetings CHAHtist
  22. NameThatPunky

    Episode 183 — Student Athlete

    I haven't even listened yet and I'm already so giddy.
  23. NameThatPunky

    Episode 158 — Film Composing

    Great guest and fun episode. 2 Fast for Speed had be rollin.
  24. NameThatPunky

    Episode 156 — Acceptance

    So glad there was a pic of the fridge bag.
  25. NameThatPunky

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    I couldn't imagine a conference call with the 4 of them. Or that any of them would be on a conference call.