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  1. this was before. Sharp-eared listeners will notice the point of transition of her completely changing her accent was the part when Juan spoke in spanish. somehow hearing the spanish language triggered a change in her accent from NY to Southern.


    I'm not being nit-picky about this. I just found it funny and was kind of waiting for Scott or PFT to call her out.


    I'll be honest you're pretty brave for pointing out something you found not exactly perfect about a female guest on here after the past few weeks.

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    Wow, you're lucky. I listen to a baseball podcast with a Canadian host who does this, and it's borderline maddening given the number of Latino players whose names he butchers.


    Do they say twat a lot on baseball broadcasts in Canada? Things are a lot looser up there.

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  3. Ryan Gaul had the biggest LOL moment for me, but the whole thing was really great. Seriously good ep.


    When he was stumbling over explaining plugging up a dyke, then revealed he was just on the phone, then Scott said the phrase "a random dyke" was where the tears started a-flowing.

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