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  1. i thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I was just re-listening to Staind Glass for the 50th time, so this really hit the spot.


    I think i first became aware of adam scott on that HBO show where we wore a fake weiner. I think I hated him, because he's so good at playing jerk characters. Who would have guessed that a few short years later he'd be one of my top 10 lovable goofballs?


    For me it was Step Brothers but the same sentiment applies.

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  2. Not to brag but I've listened to all 3 hundo from the start. It's remained one of if not my favorite podcast the whole time.


    Love Whoch, and congrats to Wie, Ku, Stard, Rammend, Summah of Sam and all other engineers.

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    That was an ad for I believe Leesa, in which Scott made reference to spending 2 full weeks a year mattress shopping and then likened it to being in the National Guard. I was washing dishes to this episode so the ads were not skipped, you're welcome for that


    Are you me or something?

  4. Ming might be my all-time favorite CBB character. This episode is the first in a long time that had me ROFLMAOing my ass off, all over the floor.


    I don't understand people who don't like Ming. I cant even keep track of all the other characters that have been on here and were just a voice with no background.. Personally I fucking love Ming he fucking nails it. Daly is always a winner on here so the two on one show is just fucking c+ Great great ep!


    I'm infinitely confused by this. I found the first segment suuuuuuper boring and could hear Scott desperately trying to force some funny out of it.

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  5. Yes! I've been waiting for Brent to come back on. I love his own podcast but it isn't a comedy show so I need to hear him elsewhere for his weirdness. Mindjack was hilariously gross.


    He was on Who Charted a few weeks back if you're looking for more goofyness with him.

  6. I've been corrected many a time about my pronunciation of certain words after growing up in NJ (living in the midwest, west coast, southeast), and with that comes a sick sense of validation whenever someone brings up the "Super Mare-e-o Bros". Going with Gabrus, "I knew guys named Mario!" Great way to find or avoid the NJ/NY tribe at parties.


    I grew up in South Jersey and the Mario dilemma still pains me to this day. We all know which side is right but they're too stubborn to realize it.


    The Clench Origins reveal was huge and I think a bigger deal needs to be made of it. I do like that his mom just wanted him to stop blaming his sister.