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    Sorry bud, it really felt like the classic scummy "ohhhh, let me google that for you, asshole". sometimes you ask a question in a community of people knowing others will have the answer at the tip of their tongue and will want to engage about it, so I guess I've just built up a level of internet defensiveness due to previous encounters on message boards where someone takes something you've said out of context and calls you an asshole. So, this is my way of saying sorry I did that same thing to you!


    You're a solid bro despite your eyebrows not being real.

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    "Zing"? I think NTP was being genuine, because if you search for "TJ Miller" (i.e. without periods), nothing comes up.


    Yea it's partially on me for not spelling it right and saying he hadn't been on, but for sure not meant as a zing. It's funny when you try to be genuinely helpful on the internet but someone still thinks you're just being a sarcastic asshole.

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    No, no no no, FUCKING NO. What you just said, even though it was couched in how you enjoy the bit, is everything wrong with today's perpetually offended SJW mentality. You absolutely can tell somebody they are wrong for being offended, because nobody is entitled to that whiny bullshit. People are itching, in fact they are clawing at their own faces, waiting for something to be offended by, so they can take some moral highground and preach about how wrong something is. For the last few years we have faced an unprecedented shift in attitude, where somehow emotion is much more important than reason, where someone being offended or triggered somehow trumps common sense, rationality, diversity of opinion and any semblance of logical thought. Nobody is ever entitled to be offended, unless we also accept that everyone else is entitled to call them a fucking idiot and point out how they are objectively wrong. This is COMEDY, so people can take their attempts at PC censorship, concentrate hard enough until it manifests into a physical object, and then fuck themselves with it.




    As much as I agree with your statements, and in general I do, it torpedoes your argument to use buzzword phrases like SJW. It just turns my brain off to thinking anyone is saying anything worthwhile when I see it.

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    This a thousand times, I was thinking the other night, has TJ ever been on? Or been on in the last few years? because I can't recall it, and he would unquestionably bring a ton more laughs into the room. I recall him being on Never Not Funny a while back and that was an outstanding episode. Why no TJ Jagadowski??


    As an FYI, the Earwolf site has a great search feature for guests. If you click their profile it lists all episodes of any show they've ever appeared on.




    Using it now it doesn't look like TJ Miller has been on any Earwolf shows.

  5. When Ty Dolla $ign says "She ride it like a '63" in "Work From Home", I don't think "63" is a sexual euphemism, I think he's talking about a car. Probably a '63 Corvette. I say this because in the next verse after that he says "Imma buy her a new Saleen", which is also a type of sports car, and then he says "Let her ride in a foreign with me". So even though the song's mostly about sex, I just think he's talking about cars during this part.


    I felt this was really important to get cleared up.


    So they were fucking the car?