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  1. I've been through only 2 segments and this is absolute 100% insanity and I love it. I didn't dare try to drink anything without pausing, and I'm glad no one asked me what I'm laughing at so I didn't have to explain it was two incestuous children talking about their mom's pussy raining.


    I'm only about fifteen minutes in, and this has yet to even get on the rails.


    This quote is perfect.

  2. I really hope CBB Universe Alan Thicke isn't done for. The running joke of "____ Thicke" is my favorite joke of that kind right next to the "Space Mutiny" Dave Ryder/Blast Hardcheese/Big Mclargehuge nicknames.

    I find myself coming up with different iterations of the show throughout the day (i.e. "Inexcusably Thicke")


    Have they ever done "Unapologetically Thicke"?

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    Probably not exactly what you're talking about, but I re-listened to part of this yesterday, and there's a ~2 1/2 minute stretch starting around 1:21:30 that is one of the funniest runs ever, and it includes PFT trying to remember the dimensions. At one point, he starts alternating seamlessly (I mean INCREDIBLY quickly) between Alan and Garry, and Alan says "Eggtown" and Garry immediately says "LITTLE EGGTOWN!", and there's a slight pause and you can just barely hear Gilly go "God dammit" under her breath.


    nie Sanders!

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  4. I'm honestly surprised Wie was trying his best to tolerate the tracks. Maybe cause it was a guest chart and he was trying to be nice to a friend/friend's wife, but he has no problem chastising the Chartist's calls. I was saying "spit it or quit it" myself when those songs were dragging on.