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    No I meant the topic of "The Wiz", I believe in the early goings someone mentioned it and the other one was like "well we already talked about it", and then when Emily was on they talked about it briefly with her. I may be remembering it wrong but that was the topic that revealed it to me, not the ChiPli, I remember that talk from last week because it made me cringe like a motherfucker since I've had severe achilles tendinitis before


    Oh ok, "aired out of order" made me think the airing of episodes, not segments. I get what you mean, but it's probably best to stick with the Wie chart/Ku chart/guest chart format, if that's what they want.


    I'm still on team "guest should be there the whole time" though.

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  2. The beginning of this one felt like old WhoCh, Howie is saying weird stuff and Ku and Stard are enjoying the hell out of it, it was distracting hearing that proof that the show is aired out of order. Does it make a big difference? I feel like it would just make sense to play it in chronological order.


    This doesn't mean it's out of order at all. Ku and Stard weren't on last week when he first brought up the Chi Ply. This was the first they were hearing about it, not to mention seeing it in action.

  3. I would love it if they could find a way to spend more time with the guest. Would it be too awkward to have the guest sit in on the first two charts and comment? It wouldn't be too different from the old format when Who Charted prime would sometimes detour into a Howard or Kulap story. Just seems like the guest portion got short-changed with the new format.


    I'm also in this camp. Just go back to normal Whoch format once a week.


    People didn't like Two Charted because of the charts, they just want more of those two no matter what the context. Stories can be told with a guest there.

  4. Howard is so fucking funny. I really wish he'd do a solo podcast or one with just him and stard.


    Well going by what Wie was alluding to at the end of his chart, something in the pod world is a-brewin.


    And the guest was funny and all but holy balls her voice is annoying.

  5. All of that said, Harris Wittels asking "What are you, a fuckin' shirt detective?" in response to a question I submitted on a live VPN episode of Whooch is one of the highlights of my life.


    A question I asked led Ku to doing the New Born Baby Colt dance on the first VPN.

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