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  1. This was a groundbreaking episode. Australia revealed.


    Not sure I love this guest. Especially that creepy sales voice he went into when he was hardcore bragging on his success.


    Disagree. I thought he fit in great. He was shilly for his movie a bit but who wouldn't be?

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  2. it was something he started doing in ads occasionally a little while back that was just super funny. just sorta faux-professional or dramatic or something. the joke came back during the sessions somehow and we just went with it.


    Signature flourish.

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  3. Lately I've been listening to archived episodes even though I've already heard every episode but they still make me laugh out loud. I actually do listen to them when I go to bed, but usually it backfires and I end up cracking up and not being able to fall asleep. Tig, David, Kyle (and Morbot!) made this podcast so funny and so special, and I feel a little crazy but I feel such an emotional connection with this podcast. Thanks for all the laughs, and I can't wait to check out all of your upcoming projects.


    Great name man. (ORRRRRRRRRRRR woman)

  4. Making fun of him is a bit, but to be fair he did mess up a lot, so I'm not sure if his messing up was to keep the bit going. If so I need to give him some credit I never thought of before.


    Thinking it over I remember tearing up during the Nelson Mandella speech on one of the live episodes.

  5. First impression favorites - Summahtology, Crush it Like Quint, Summah Shrine


    Summah Shrine is for sure a highlight (not to put down the other tracks). It's almost a return to the tone of Last Day of Summah, but more upbeat.

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