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  1. Damn it. I saw the title as it downloaded and was hit with sadness. I can't say I didn't feel this coming.


    Thank you 3, and Aaron, and all the other engineers, and MOTHER, and all the great guests, for this excellent podcast. It obviously influenced my name and got me to check out the Earwolf forums. This show has changed a lot but in a lot of ways stayed the same, with the same spirit and goofiness.


    I still haven't listened to the episode, it'll be a hard one.


    Blast on Blastronauts.

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  2. Good episode. Sarah was kind of endearingly weird and meshed well with the gang. I'm glad that it's getting fleshed out into something more than the same few lines over and over again, but I think I've had enough of Christ High as a weekly feature.



    Never stop Christ High. Never. Kyle insisting on improv jump ins but also insisting on them sticking to the script that he never told anyone about was some of the best pod lately.


    What a goofy fun episode. Sarah was game for anything.

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  3. Amazing to see the realization of the Gu Cruise video!! Great work to all involved! Stards appearance made me happy. Good work on the guit board buddy! I'm a little confused as to why FunnyorDie isn't promoting it on the front page though... (it's there in the corner but not on the top featured videos where it deserves to be)


    It actually came out Monday, it was front featured then.

  4. Never in a million years would I have thought that Kyle held so much hetero white male panic.

    If he wants a prideful group that is mostly or totally white male, he should try Congress, being a CEO, President, scientist, celebrity, etc.


    You realize you're doing the exact thing he was describing?


    I don't see how him expressing something he's felt qualifies as "hetero white male panic." It's what Maron was talking about with Obama and the n-word, people focus on one thing just so they can have a reaction to it. It's attitudes like yours that don't let actual conversations happen. Kyle is far from this. It was a conversation. Not all conversation needs to be shut down because it doesn't conform directly with your feelings.

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