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  1. Guys, guys, he's really just interested in "healing". Keep that in mind. And if the person he's healing just happens to be a "piece of ass" that needs to "get laid", that's just icing on the poop-cake.


    That's not funny healing is not something to joke about.

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  2. Yes. Putting Nova on seemed like a favor to the manager guy (who would have been a more interesting guest solo anyway) but more than that her schtick was just unbearable. "I'm an upper-middle class white girl but I need to make sure people are aware of my past suicidal ideations (however fictional they might have been) because things can be hard for upper-middle class white girls, too. Boo hoo!"


    Yea you're right, having money can solve all your problems.

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  3. Funny that Tig seemed so tangibly angered by James Adomian doing a character, but was pretty calm and reasonable dealing with this actual weirdo. Also crazy that someone can make a living based on personal interaction when they themselves seem to struggle with it to such a great extent.


    When was the Adomian thing?

  4. Great ep! I love Kyle buy guy has got to calm down with the constant bragging already. Between Howie Do It, Fart Explosion, and Knock Knock Its Diarrhea he must be walking on air!!


    Look man, it's lonely at the top. I just wish Tig and David could get to his level so he'd have someone to relate to. There's gotta be tension in the Hatch after all of Kyle's success.

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  5. Was it just a coincidence that the scheduled topic this week was addiction after Harris's death? If so that's crazy, but I'm glad it gave them an opportunity to talk about him. I didn't know if those three had much contact with him so I wasn't sure what to expect, it was nice to hear.