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  1. On 7/30/2018 at 2:06 PM, Shannon said:

    Just letting y'all know, I am still pulling out my hair trying to figure out these effing color problems. If I adjust one thing to make it visible in one place, it becomes unreadable in another. I'm going bananas but I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

    Just thought you all deserved an update :D 

    Thank you Shannon, things look great now.


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  2. Alright, I get someone who doesn't care about music not knowing these popular songs and all. But Todd hires drummers to play his parties, and says he plays songs during it so they play along. What the hell is he playing during these parties? I'm not saying he has to be playing The Doors or Duran Duran, but anyone with a slight interest in playing any music would know these songs right?


    Or is the joke on ME and the whole thing is a reverse bit??


    Either way it's funny as hell so who knows.

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  3. Lots of missed opportunities to do an ep' of I Love Films.


    I don't know if either of these guys are Smashing Pumpkins fans, but the history of this and production with the drum machines reminded me a lot of Adore, which came out March of 98 before this one. Just funny cause they bring up Kid A as a similar change of direction album.


    I'm also halfway through the episode so maybe they bring it up later.

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