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    (PS, the comments on that page are hilarious. These people seem to genuinely not understand the concept of humor.)


    When there's a run of lots of comments like that all saying the same thing my first thought is it's always some weird troll group trying to bring something down. There's no way that many people could give a shit about a Progressive commercial


    Also some classic accent word this sode.

  2. Hilarious episode!


    I was napping when this first came on my playlist and missed the intros. So, I honestly wasn't sure whether Peter was a character and was waiting for clarification that he was a real person like Scott gave for the English lawyer in Be My Guest, Literally!. Peter was fantastic and I felt like a real tool when I realized I've already enjoyed him on a bunch of British panel shows.


    Peter Serafinowicz is a character played by Peter Serafinowhich.


    Shaun Diston is sky-rocketing up my list of faves.

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