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  1. So...about the hot pepper/pogo stick guy: I'm going to get pedantic for a second. First off, it was a nerdy white guy. He was on Jenny Jones or Ricki Lake because he had set the most records in the Guinness book. That was his whole deal, he was obsessed with the Guinness book. One of the records had involved a pogo stick. Also it wasn't "mind over matter" exactly, so much as "you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it," which was why he loved the book so much. Even nerdy white guys could do useless crap and get into a book. Well at some point he popped the hottest pepper into his mouth and Jenny is like "You're just eating that???" and he's all "I've had hotter," with a big smirk on his face. A little while later, the camera cut back to him and his eyes were watering and he was really in a bad way. I remember he wiped his nose and a HUGE glob of snot came out. So they spirit him away backstage, and after the commercial break he comes hopping back onto the stage on a pogo stick and explained that he had gotten some of the oil from the pepper in his eye. I do not remember him crashing through any glass table, I think the John might be conflating that detail with something else.


    I absolutely love that someone is confirming this half-remembered story. Now we just have to find the clip.

  2. After hearing ads for this I felt like the podcast gods went into my brain and made a podcast specifically for me. Lapkus and Gabrus freestyling about 90s TV. Turns out I was right. If they're as pumped and excited every episode as they were in this first time this'll be an all time great.

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