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  1. Jeff, You like that all day breakfast at McDonald's? It's the best.
  2. ...I wish. Two years of el niño is bumming me out ski-season-wise.
  3. You learned that the hard way, Jeffrey. I remember it vividly. Honestly, I thought it was cute but you have since dispelled that myth. Indemnification: I, Chanson, am not, did not, have not, and will not date or in any way do sex or any other sexual act with JeffreyParties, JeffreyMurders, or any other property, person, persona, alter-ego, ghost, sexy ghost, phantom, corpse, zombie, or other form of Jeffrey, dead, undead, spirit, living or otherwise.
  4. Hmmmmmm... I like to think I'm so much more than that. But this isn't wrong either.
  5. I like(ish) NASCAR and have been to the Daytona 500 twice... Hope this helps. Edit: I'm me. Not anyone else. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. chanson

    The Ads

    I also hope that the ads don't get removed from Hollywood Handbook. I feel pretty strongly that Hollywood Handbook gets advertising right because, to me, the ads are part of the show and I don't mind listening to them. In fact, as has been mentioned before, some of my favorite recurring bits come from the ads. If I were an advertiser I would want to put an ad on Hollywood Handbook because listeners (and I'm assuming there are more people than just myself who feel this way) don't immediately skip the ads and actually want to listen to them. That seems like the holy grail of advertising to me, ads people want to listen to, but I'm sure there are other points of view on this. PS - I also really enjoy the creativity with which Sean and Hayes approach the ads on the show. I like that they act as fun little vignettes between the major segments of the show but keep me engaged at the same time, I think that's really unique and one of the reasons why I love Hollywood Handbook.
  7. Reflecting upon today's foruming, I became worried that my message might get lost in all the chatter. This forum has grown since the days when we would take the ox-cart down to the library to hear new episodes of The Reality SHOW show on the town's single transistor radio. The whole town would gather around to hear the tales of great heroes like TJ Lavin or Jeff Probst. The great moral questions of the day were posited to the whole town, like would Sean the bachelor ever find love? Or is it ethical to make a one armed lady do physical challenges to win the love of a random guy on national television? Even though the broadcast would sometimes get taken over by Tokyo Rose, we still did our best to send in comments to post on the forums each week at our local post office. I always bristled with anticipation during the walk down to the telegraph office to see if greggy or Valerie Bryant or Andy Kneis had left a comment or given me a like. The likes were rationed back in those days, for the war, so it was a real treat when the telegraph operator delivered the good news. The Hayzie Bone and ClemDawg likes were always the sweetest and I would run giddily down main street past the whorehouse to the soda fountain and buy myself a nice big Coke Zero to celebrate. Those really were the good-ol days. Mainly because the Coke Zero still had punch to it, if you know what I mean. These days it seems like we're all too caught up in our fast-paced over-stimulated jet-setting tinder-dating lives. We post gifs and photoshopped pictures and funny jokes at the speed of light. So when I wonder what my purpose on this forum is, I often come to the conclusion it's to remind us of what's important, what makes this little bubble of comedy and laughs so wonderful. I think we can all agree it's the struggle to repeal women's suffrage, which has ruined America and poisoned our children's minds. Thank you.
  8. Well, it's smart to break-in your ski boots before ski season so that you don't get foot pain and then get eaten by a sasquatch when you stop to adjust your boots. You also do it if you're just really excited to go skiing and need to be reminded about how painful it actually is.
  9. I'm wearing ski boots right now. nbd.
  10. Yeah, it really has been a magical night for foruming. I've had like 30oz or more of Coke Zero tonight, so I'm feeling pretty tipsy.
  11. three-legged food-stealing dogs, esp a black chow chow Edit: also bugs But these are just random guesses really. I could be way off.
  12. Fratguys have feelings too. I signed several non-disclosure agreements that prohibit me from doing so beyond acknowledging that JeffreyParties had said parties and that said parties involved partying. JeffreyParties parties at parties that involve partying and partygoers who party. That's really all I can say. Sorry.
  13. Oh I know all about JeffreyParties' parties.
  14. Jeffrey, you ever worry that someone might try to frame you for murder? You know, since your name is JeffreyMurders and all? Just wondering. Definitely not planning on framing you. Just worried in my imho tbh.
  15. Lol @ "Lol at the word 'wood'"
  16. PS - I love how we're all friends.
  17. Jack the Jakal Jakman is my spirit animal.
  18. Hey buddy, I didn't build up my sterling reputation as one of America's top megalomaniacal mens rights activist podcast villain celebrities so that you could cash-in off of all of my hard work. You gotta earn the respect in this forum. Or just be around all the time for three years. PS - We can still be friends though.
  19. Spoiler alert: He is that kind of guy