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  1. I really need to find a more obscure podcast on a major podcasting network.
  2. My Tinder profile is "from Hollywood Handbook" because I'm famous and I need people to understand that about me.
  3. I always assumed Tinder was the official dating platform of Hollywood Handbook. I have done extensive research to confirm this.
  4. poetry is the refuge of cowards - Chanson from Hollywood Handbook
  5. He does not live on an island. Nice try.
  6. I know where Gary Larson lives. He has a nice dock in front of his house. PS - I'm not telling where it is.
  7. I think I really like this podcast.
  8. I told ADC the world wasn't ready for his "art." I was just trying to protect you all. He's dangerously sexy. I've since come to realize that censorship is wrong and that the world needs to see this "art." I'm sorry. I was wrong. I realize that now.
  9. I'm still way into Carrie Fisher.
  10. Carrie Fisher was a highlight for me. That's all I can say right now.
  11. Hey, anyone know how a CatDog poops? for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8jKH8EUvHg Edit: Need to know ASAP!
  12. Hurricane Dennis will not take kindly to this philandering.
  13. Happy Birthday, Veebs! You earned it.
  14. Is that two-legged horse fucking that dude?
  15. Stephanie, Who the shit is Brandon?
  16. Stephanie, You got cool glasses because you live in LA? It's sunny there.
  17. Stephanie, You like Lake Bell? She nice? What's the best way to sneak in to a famous person's house? What's the traffic like in LA? Is it good or bad? Any shortcuts I should know about?
  18. I still like you... Those things were just icing on the cake.
  19. I'm legitimately super excited to listen to this.
  20. I only read my own posts.
  21. My name is Chanson and I do not like jokes.
  22. What's Gunther's deal anyway?
  23. I would watch the shit out of Mindiana Jones.