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  1. Well, my mom's dad is from Chautauqua County, NY... so, that could be it. But it's not that uncommon to use "anymore" like that as far as I'm aware. Also he grew up on Vashon Island and his mother is from Black Diamond, WA, so I don't think that's it. It could be my Dad, but he's from Pennington, NJ and his mother is from Trenton, while his father is from Millport, NY. So that also seems like a possibility. My mom's mother, who also grew up on Vashon Island, her parents are both from Edmonton, Alberta, so maybe it's a Canadian thing? I have one of their weird passports with my face in it... Does that answer the question? I don't know. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRR... maybe it's a thing that everyone says and where you live is weird and don't say it. That seems like the most likely thing. Because I'm sure I picked it up from TV movies radio music advertising and I live in a place that has very few local turns of phrase that don't directly come from Chinook Jargon. Furthermore, you brought it up, no one else did. I cannot help but think this isn't a coincidence. You, sir, have outed yourself and your region as being abnormal and talking funny.
  2. What the fuck is even happening in here anymore? Holy fucking shit.
  3. Jesse Thorn, 1.) How was your Anal August? 2.) What is your favorite BART station? 3.) Is public radio movies? 4.) How famous would you say you are? 5.) What does Terry Gross smell like? PS - excited that you're on the show! I wouldn't say I'm a big fan, but definitely a moderate fan who includes you in a healthy range of interests and activities in their life!
  4. Davey, I wanna fight you, dog.
  5. FANFIC PART 2 (Deux if you're an asshole) Chanson went to The Copper Door in the Stadium District in Tacoma, Washington, USA tonight. Dreidel came too because they allow dogs there because they're civilized human beings. Beer was consumed. Hooray! THE END.
  6. chanson

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    I just forget to go back and read things after I post.
  7. Since everyone has been jumping on the fanfic bandwagon I figured I'd try my hand at it. Chanson went on a ferry. There were cats. The end.
  8. I would go to tvtrucks.com
  9. Valuable real estate, gotta get in early so I can sell it when it's hot yaddimean?
  10. chanson

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Yeah, Chanson would be a great guest. Someone should get that guy on the show!
  11. There's no Andrew anywhere in me. Gross.
  12. Seattle American Metropolitan Youthful Anus Klub
  13. Sounds like you don't know what gentrifying means (hint: it's in the name). Also sounds like you think Seattle is Portland. Cool stuff.
  14. My neighborhood is gentrifying, it has stores that I actually want to go to now... I hate it.
  15. chanson

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Anyone said Chanson yet? Chanson.
  16. Paul, If someone referred to UCB as a "circle jerk" how would that make you feel?
  17. Sun Tzu wrote "all war is based on deception." There's no joke here, just excellent military strategy.
  18. This forum is a lot like creative writing class in elementary school... I'm sure there's a funny conclusion to that thought.
  19. JeffreyParties: Boner Maker
  20. But they are my arch-nemeses.
  21. hmmmmm.... This is problematic to me.
  22. Should have known this would happen Edit: I think you know how I feel about humor
  23. He's right... I don't want him to be... But he is.